German Patriots Managed to Celebrate Hitler’s Birthday in Public Yesterday

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2018

It’s shocking that German patriots are still able to pull something like this off in Mama Merkel’s Worker’s Paradise.

We don’t really have the ability to organize something like this in America.

But it’s nice to see Germans able to do it.


Hundreds of neo-Nazis were massing Friday on Adolf Hitler’s birthday for a two-day festival in a remote eastern German town where citizens and anti-fascist groups staged spirited counter-protests.

Many of the mostly male right-wing extremists wore T-shirts with slogans such as “Keepers of the Race”, “White is my favourite colour” and “Adolf was the best” while the event was guarded by a group called “Aryan Brotherhood”.

Hundreds of armoured police ringed the site of the “Schild und Schwert” (Shield and Sword, or SS) festival near the Polish and Czech borders that was expected to also attract eastern European extremists.

Police were backed by water cannon and armoured vehicles, mounted patrols and boats patrolling the Neisse border river, on the western banks of which the shaven-headed and often heavily tattooed attendees were pitching their tents or parking camper-vans.

Organisers argue that the “Reconquista Europa” festival — featuring far-right music, speeches, martial arts, a tattoo convention and merchandise stalls — is a political event, granting it legal protection under the German constitution.

They said they expected about 1,000 participants.

The event comes as Germany, after a mass influx of asylum seekers since 2015, is witnessing a revival of far-right and ultra-nationalist groups and has seen the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) enter parliament.

“Facism is not an opinion , it’s a crime,” said an organiser of another gathering, Mirko Schultze, 50, who is also a Saxony state politician of the far-left Die Linke party.

I believe that what you are saying is that it is both an opinion and a crime.

Because it is definitely an opinion. Criminalizing an opinion does not change the fundamental nature of language and ideas.

“This is a meeting of the European extreme right,” he said. “We’re trying to occupy the public space around the hotel site to make clear that we defend democracy here, because otherwise Ostritz will become their new meeting ground.”

While neo-Nazis have long staged underground concerts for recruiting and fund-raising, a major two-day music festival with a tent city and tickets selling at up to 45 euros ($55) is seen as an escalation of an emboldened far-right movement.

The Shield and Sword lineup features bands linked to the far-right and hooligan scene as well as a “fight night” event Saturday called “Kampf der Nibelungen”, a reference from Germanic and Norse mythology, featuring boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

“To live is to fight,” declares the event website. “At all times it was fighters who defended their clan, their tribe, their homeland.”


Germans with balls, brings a tear to my eye.

Visitors were prohibited from bringing glass bottles, flag staffs and certain breeds of dogs.


The Daily Stormer’s PITT GENOCIDE campaign is gaining traction internationally.

The SS festival organiser is Thorsten Heise of the far-right fringe party NPD, which is openly xenophobic and anti-Semitic.

Heise led journalists on a police-guarded tour of the ramshackle compound, a hotel and former industrial textile factory that closed soon after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and later suffered river flood damage.

A far-right merchandise sales man who identified himself as Tommy, 31, and wore a t-shirt with the slogan “HTLR SCHNTZL”, said Germany’s biggest problem was “the uncontrolled influx of foreigners into our homeland”.


And we all know who’s behind that.

Our Uncle warned us.

Whatever people think of Hitler, he is a part of German history. He was a great man, who did great things – you can admit that even if you believe the idiot Jew nonsense about homicidal gas chambers.

There is never any reason to deny your history.

Russia admits that Stalin committed atrocities, and yet they honor him as a part of their national history.

The idea that Hitler was uniquely “evil” is nonsensical. Every leader does good and bad things. And I think even most Jews would have to admit that if Hitler did kill the Jews as they claim, he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do, not because he was consciously evil and just wanted to do evil things.