German Propaganda Dropped on American Troops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2016

the girl you left behind

These are propaganda pamphlets that the Germans airdropped on American troops during WWII.

I think people will find them interesting. Three of them contain a theme where a fat old Jew seduces your GF.

NaziPropaganda-4 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-5 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-6 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-7 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-8 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-9 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-13 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-2 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-1 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-11 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-10 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-3 (12-32) NaziPropaganda-12 (12-32)

Here’s a pdf file with more.

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