German State Creates Anti-PEGIDA Cartoon to Indoctrinate Children

Daily Stormer
January 7, 2015

The cartoon portrays the right as being mean and getting angry when they see foreign flags.

Pegida isn’t even a hardcore movement, and you see how they react to it. It goes to show just how terrified they are of any semi-nationalist seeming sentiment rising in Germany.


The taxpayer-funded German state broadcaster has released a colourful children’s cartoon animation criticising anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA, as German politicians, the mainstream media, the arts, and the Church unite to pour scorn on the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA).

The group, which has instigated a series of weekly ‘strolls’ in the tradition of the East German citizens who employed non-violent resistance against the former communist regime which collapsed in 1989, has found itself the target for scorn from the centre-left ruling elite in the past few weeks. Starting as a movement calling for an end to the Islamisation of Europe, the banners and themes present at the strolls are as diverse as opposition to mass immigration, opposition to unlimited asylum applications, and calls for peace with Russia.

West German taxpayer funded television network ZDF has released a short film and a number of web pages through its youth-channel ZDFtivi to educate children about the political movement.

The state broadcaster made little apparent effort to present any form of neutrality over the report, which is entitled “Together Against PEGIDA”. Using brightly coloured cartoons, ZDFtivi helpfully informs its young audience that “the majority of Germans do not support the opinions of PEGIDA”.

Describing what ZDF understands the average PEGIDA member to be like, the short film says: “Some of them are unhappy. They are either unemployed, or earn very little money. They fear that immigrants will take away jobs from Germans.

“Other PEGIDA followers are frustrated. They are angry with the politicians in Berlin. These people feel that the politicians don’t take care of their problems.

“And then there are right-wing extremists participating in the protests. They think Germans are worth more than people from other countries. Some even hate immigrants… Experts say that most of the fears of PEGIDA followers are unfounded”.

A December 2014 meeting of PEGIDA in which 17,500 Germans ‘strolled’ through Dresden in East Germany.

The cartoon figures representing PEGIDA members are depicted wearing hoodies, and become visibly angered when confronted with politicians and foreign flags, bizarrely including the flags of Israel, Japan, and Hong-Kong.

The video links to another page on the children’s website which offers a definition the meaning of the term ‘right-wing’, again using simple language and bright colours. It describes right-wingers as people who are”of the opinion that not all people are of equal worth…  They hate people with a different skin colour or religion”. To reinforce the point, the text is accompanied by a picture of Adolph Hitler.

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