German State to Give Residence Permits to Illegal Immigrants Who Suffer from “Right-Wing Violence”

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2018

After breaking into Germany, plundering its resources and gang raping a few white schoolgirls, most 32-year-old child refugees from Syria quite rightly believe that they’ve earned the right to citizenship.

And while 99% of Germans are happy to welcome these vibrants into their rainbow nation, there is always that troublesome 1% who go into full Romper Stomper mode because they cannot accept the fact that God painted some people brown.

So it warms my heart to learn that a German politician intends to help the victims of these jackbooted thugs by handing them residence permits. Imagine how red in the face the thugs will be once they learn that the “foreigners” they attacked are now full-blooded Germans just like themselves!


Thuringia’s migration ministry has announced that from June 1, illegal immigrants who fall victim to “right-wing violence” in the German state will be given residence permits on “humanitarian” grounds.

“The number of violent crimes remains worryingly high, and victims are often people with a migrant background,” said Thuringia justice, migration, and consumer protection minister Dieter Lauinger.

In a statement on the measure, the Green minister explained: “We consider it necessary [that we should] improve the situation for those affected [by violent crime in Germany], by granting residence on a human rights basis.”

Yes, Dieter, you should consider it necessary.

Because during the 1940s, your people transformed six million Skaven loansharks into furniture out of pure boredom. I know that you krauts like to conveniently forget that dark part of your country’s history, so I thought I’d just remind everyone of what your ancestors did and why Germany (also Sweden) needs to become multicultural for the betterment of mankind.

“Under the decree, crimes which would qualify include, for example, breach of the peace, sexual assaults, and homicides,” the ministry explained, before adding that “there must be evidence that the victim was attacked on grounds of nationality, ethnicity, skin colour or religious affiliation”, and noting that the regulations will not apply if an incident is found to have been “simulated or provoked”.

A lot of white Drumpf supporters will claim that this decree is open to abuse. They’ll say that these migrants can simply do an Edward Norton in Fight Club on themselves and tell the police that Fritz did it out of hatred for the color of their religion.

I think this sort of cynicism says a lot more about the Blumpf supporters than the actual migrants. You see, permit fraud is the sort of thing that right-leaning white people do, so they incorrectly presume that good-natured colored folk will do the same.

It’s just pure psychological projection.

“The state government is committed to its responsibility towards victims of racist and right-wing acts,” said integration, migration, and refugee commissioner, Mirjam Kruppa.

“This decree sends out an important message to the people seeking safety with us in that it shows that we aim to provide security and protection to people affected by violence.”

She added: “It is good that Thuringia is taking this step because it complements an active policy of integration that supports encounters [between native Germans and aliens] and thus also helps to reduce prejudice.”

The best part about having a female migration commissioner is that she will view the millions of Moslems entering her nation as exotic children in dire need of mothering, thus will always side with them against her own kin.

Her support will definitely ensure that the state implements this decree without a hitch!

The decree came under fire from the populist, anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary group, which accused Thuringia’s red-red-green state government of acting deliberately to undermine federal migration laws.

I figured it wouldn’t take long before the racists emerged from the woodwork to condemn something that interferes with their favorite pastime: beating up innocent migrants and carving swastikas onto their chests as an act of dominance.

It’s sad that some Germans still believe that Germany shouldn’t be a massive buffet in which everyone but native Germans can partake, but I guess it can be difficult to transcend those hateful, anti-Semitic genes. Hopefully, as time progresses and more colored people become citizens, these racists will realize the truth: the darker the country, the brighter the future!