Germany: Based Haji NEET Mocks Hardworking German Wage Cucks!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2018

A rare look at what life is really like in Occupied Germany:

Even if the migrant wasn’t brown-skinned and swarthy, I’d know that he wasn’t German. Why? Well, because he’s capable of telling a funny joke, hah.

In the video, our haji friend tells a joke from the perspective of an African migrant.

The migrant wanders around the streets of a German city, looking for a German to thank for his free healthcare, free money, free housing and free food. He is unable to find a German anywhere in the streets. He asks the third guy he approaches, a Turk, where the Germans are.

The Turk looks at his watch, and says, “working, probably!”


Germans are a strange people.

They take good traits like hard work, politeness and reasonableness to extreme levels and make them vices.

I don’t even know if it’s genetic or cultural at this point. It’s probably a mixture of both. 

If they had some of that “Faustian spirit” left, they’d somehow change these characteristics through sheer force of will and become less… domesticated.

Meanwhile, Merkel is stepping down after this last term.

Here are some possible replacements from her own party:

Running a quick physiognomy check… scanning… no sign of testosterone-based life found.

AfD is polling at second place.

But 2021 is still years away, and she’s no doubt going to attempt to recoup her party’s image in that time.

Never forget how Merkel just went and wrecked Europe in the course of one year.

Let’s hope that she doesn’t do anything… drastic before she leaves office.