Germany: Biggest Bank to Replace 18,000 Workers with Robots by 2022

Daily Stormer
November 25, 2019

Now you understand why Mama Merkel wants hundreds of trillions of non-Whites to flood Germany.

Because all this extra money that these robots are gonna produce has to go somewhere, and the only logical place for it to go is welfare for brown people.

Germany needs to do that, or else Sweden can’t survive.


Deutsche Bank claims that it will use artificial intelligence and “robots” to achieve its goal of terminating 18,000 employees.

According to a report by Business Insider, Deutsche Bank claims that it will use robots to replace a significant portion of its workforce over the next several years. The multinational investment bank has already terminated 1,000 employees since July. They have suspended 4,000 positions overall since the beginning of the year.

Robots and AI being used to terminate people… where have I heard that before?

Of all the sci-fi movies that could’ve come true, it had to be one of the most unrealistic ones…

Mark Matthews, head of operations for Deutsche’s corporate and investment bank, told Business Insider that the changes will kill 18,000 jobs over the next three years. He claimed that the cuts that have already occurred this year have prevented 680,000 hours of manual work. Matthews said that Deutsche Bank has used “bots to process 5 million transactions in its corporate bank and perform 3.4 million checks within its investment bank.”

“It [headcount] will continue to go down, there’s no question about that,” Matthews said in a short comment to Business Insider. “Our model is to reduce costs and, at the same time, improve our control environment and the client experience.”

Breitbart News reported in July that Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun forecasted this year that artificial intelligence will wipe out 50 percent of American jobs.

“The new literacies of Aoun’s humanics are data literacy, technological literacy, and human literacy,” Auon wrote in a recently published book. “Students will need data literacy to manage the flow of big data, and technological literacy to know how their machines work, but human literacy —the humanities, communication, and design — to function as a human being.”

What’s gonna happen when so many jobs have been automated that there aren’t enough people with money to buy anything?

Because automation is getting better at everything at an extremely fast rate, and most likely all jobs in the world will be automated at one point.

Does anyone have a plan for this?


Thought so.

A Universal Basic Income type of solution like what Andrew Yang wants is unfeasible in today’s world, because…

The only other solution would be that automation would either be heavily regulated or outright banned, which I don’t think would be the end of the world (though it certainly wouldn’t be possible with any form of international trade).

But ultimately, the first things we have to do is to get rid of the man-shaped autoimmune disease known as Jews.

Every single problem we have would be 100 times easier to fix if we didn’t have these creatures sucking the life out of us, sabotaging literally every single cog in our society.

Once we solve the JQ, we can worry about all the other stuff.