Germany: Businessman Hires Iraqi Refugee, Refugee Enriches His Daughter

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

Given the absolute state of Germany in 2018, I’m finding it harder to care about this sort of thing.

Okay, she was raped because of her pathetic excuse for a father, but… what are the chances of her being pro-refugee too?

And even having influence over her father in that regard?

Pretty damn high, says I.

Voice of Europe:

An Iraqi refugee is accused of raping a teenage girl in Germany, news outlet Rheinische Post (RP) online reports.

The 22-year-old rapist came in contact with the girl after her father hired him for a job. The father wanted to support Germany’s refugee community by helping them integrate into the labour market.

According to RP the young girl was raped after accompanying the refugee to his apartment. Her father trusted the man, but that was a terrible mistake.

After they drank alcohol with another man, the Iraqi raped the girl after the man left. The incident happened on 29 October. Immediately after the incident, the young woman went with her parents to the police and reported the rape.

“This is very dreadful. That was a person whom I trusted. “The event was horror for us,” the father said. He feels a great helplessness, “especially as it was a person who was so trusted.” The man’s teenage daughter has sleeping problems and suffers from panic attacks.

The police did not yet arrest the 22-year-old as there’s “no urgent suspicion” Lothar Gathen, spokesman for the prosecutor Mönchengladbach said on Thursday.