Germany: Court Decides Bin Laden’s Bodyguard Must Come Back to Germany Because Hurtfeels

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

Where would the krauts be without brown moslem women teaching them medicine?

It’s good that at least one judge out there understands the simple, obvious fact that living on welfare in Germany is a basic human right.


The 42-year-old, identified only as Sami A. in line with German privacy rules and deemed a dangerous Islamic radical by local authorities, was deported July 13. A court had ruled the previous evening that he should remain in Germany until it receives guarantees that he won’t face torture in Tunisia, but a fax informing authorities arrived only when he was already in the air.

Why the fuck would you even care what happens to him?

Why would it be your problem?

Judges then ordered him brought back to Germany. On Wednesday, North Rhine-Westphalia state’s top administrative court dismissed an appeal by the western city of Bochum against that decision.

That court’s chief justice, Ricarda Brandts, told news agency dpa in comments published Thursday that “the limits of the state of law were clearly tested here.”

In case you were wondering – YES, Ricarda Brandts is a woman and NO, she doesn’t have any children.

A catlady, AKA an honorary kike

Who needs children when there’s billions of muds out there, all of them poor and all of them living in shitholes service-deprived countries because, you know… slavery and the hollowcost and stuff.

Those need a mama too, don’t they?

Sami A. had lived for years with his wife and children in Bochum. Described as a former bodyguard to the al-Qaida chief, his long presence in Germany has been criticized by politicians and media as authorities seek to step up deportations.

So the people elected to run the country couldn’t do anything about him being there except whine?

Kinda makes you wonder who really runs the country, doesn’t it?

Whether and when he will actually be returned to Germany remains unclear. He was freed by a Tunisian judge in late July but a Tunisian investigation continues.

So not only are the other ragheads NOT torturing him, he’s not even under arrest…

Brandts said there had been “significant public pressure” to deport him, including from high-ranking politicians, and “this demand created expectations – expectations that this had to happen.”

How dare those evil krauts not want foreign terrorists living in their country on welfare?

Have they learned NOTHING from the Soapcaust?

Good thing Germany’s a democracy, so what people want doesn’t mean shit.

It’s what the Jews want that counts.