Germany: €4M Investigation Started to Finally Root Out Nazi Control of Government

Daily Stormer
November 27, 2016



Hot on the heels of FAIR’s findings that the American media establishment is actually secretly a fascist propaganda platform, Germany is starting a great investigation about its own government’s deep Nazi ties.

There’s no doubt that this will uncover deep and dark secrets.

Deutsche Welle:

Germany has said it will launch a probe into possible Nazi pressure on its post-war central government, including the Chancellery. The investigation will cost Berlin 4 million euros and will complement ongoing inquiries.

The investigation will run until 2020 and will complement 20 inquiries that have already been made at numerous ministries and institutions to determine the reach of alleged Nazi networks following World War II.

I think they should start their investigation with Merkel herself. After all, she did more for Nazism than any other chancellor after Hitler himself. And she’s kept some shady company over the years…


So, apparently Frau Merkel is secretly hanging out with Nazis. Huh.

This is indubitable proof that Mama Merkel is part of an elaborate plot to reinstate overt Nazism in Germany.

The German government’s post-war recruitment policies and “the mentality of the political culture” will also be examined, the culture ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

The probe will look into the role that Hans Globke played as chief of staff for former West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer between 1953 and 1963. According to Germany’s “Der Spiegel” newspaper, Globke, a trusted confidant to Adenauer, was responsible for recruitments during that time.

Hans Globke, Deutscher Politiker und Jurist. Ministerialrat im Reichsinnenministerium (1932-1945), Staatssekretär im Bundeskanzleramt (1953-63)Aufnahmedatum: 1940Inventar-Nr.: Or 4326-3Systematik: Personen / Politiker / Deutschland / Globke / Porträts

They let this guy recruit staff? smdh.

Globke also served as a senior civil servant in the Nazi-era interior ministry and was involved in the preparation of the Nuremberg race laws and the “Jewish code” that was enforced in Slovakia under the Nazis.

According to a German government report, around 77 percent of the officials in the justice ministry in 1957 had been members of the Nazi Party. The most controversial of them was former Nazi magistrate Eduard Dreher, who in 1968 drafted a law that made the work of Nazi hunters difficult and ended almost all inquiries into Third Reich figures.

Welp, that’s it.

I guess we gotta rewrite the history books. Again.

It’s not hard to understand why the Jews are always so upset about us filthy goyim, when we insist on having all our institutions controlled by Nazis even after the chosen were turned into lampshades by them.

lampshade holocaust

Just how many lampshades is enough?

Frankly, the fact that they’re spending only 4 million euros on this investigation is proof that they’re still only paying lip service to the denazification process. I mean, I heard it’s still possible to advocate for the continued existence of the German people on Facebook without facing jail time over there.

They still have a long way to go.

The totality of the German state budget must be split between caring for refugees and investigating the persistence of racism and intolerance in the native population.

Anything less will just lead to another Shoah.