Germany: Eight-Year-Old White Child Gets Bullied, Stabbed at Moslem-Majority School

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018


In a sane society, any father that put his white son or daughter in a Moslem-majority school would be charged with child abuse.

Alas, modern-day Germany is the opposite of a sane society.

At least Yara is now is a safer school – though I’m sure her colorblind dad refuses to understand why it’s a safer school.

Voice of Europe:

A news item from German broadcaster Sat 1 tells about the traumatic experience 8-year-old Yara had at a migrant majority school. She became an outcast, was bullied and even stabbed.

Little Yara was the last person in her classroom who spoke German at home. Her school can be characterised as a migrant majority school with Turks and Arab migrants as students.

“They needed to employ an interpreter to translate from German to Turkish or Arabic in order for the Turkish, Arabic people to even understand what was going on. I felt a bit lost and that’s when I realised how it must feel for my daughter,” the girl’s father, Mike F., tells Sat 1.

The bullying of Yara increased and it even ended with her being stabbed by an ‘Arab child’.

“She was just pushed down by an Arab child that she didn’t even know. This child slit her abdomen with a sharp object,” her father says.

“Naturally, she went to the teacher and showed her what happened. She was in pain and bleeding. The teacher totally downplayed the incident and actually made my daughter stay at school the rest of the day,” Yara’s father continues.

Yara’s father told the school it’s far from normal and after the school board was informed things changed. The girl’s father has put Yara in another school where she is happy and has friends again.