Germany: Elderly Woman Commits Suicide When Police Force Her to Leave Apartment

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

There is a scene in Jewman Rapelanski’s The Pianist (2002) in which a group of Nazi officers burst into a Jewish family’s apartment, pick up a wheelchair-bound kike and throw him from the balcony.

Even back in 2002, when I was a humble skin-hater rather than a veteran anti-Semite, I found the scene laughable and ridiculous. It’s one of those Hollywood Nazi moments that prompts anyone with a rudimentary understanding of National Socialism to simply accept that these Jews are making shit up to manipulate the masses.

But in the real world, where the Jews are rich and powerful oppressors rather than poor and persecuted victims, people really are dropping from balconies: white people. Specifically, white people who have been driven to suicide by the vicious anti-white system that the Jews have inflicted on us since World War II.

Voice of Europe:

The desperate 70-year-old, Renate P., jumped from her balcony and committed suicide when she was to be evicted, a local newspaper reports.

On Wednesday morning around 9:45 am, the elderly woman was visited by the housing company and the police to make her leave her apartment.

According to neighbours the 70-year-old pensioner could no longer pay her rent. Because the woman announced that she would resist the eviction, policemen were on site for support.

When the men knocked on her door and she didn’t answer a locksmith was commissioned.

“After opening the front door and two locked room doors, the elderly woman climbed onto the balcony railing and without warning jumped to her death,” the police say.

The woman jumped from the 7th floor onto the grass in front of her apartment. An emergency doctor pronounced the woman dead at the scene.

“Evidence of possible suicidal behaviour was not available to the authorities,” police say.

Figures show that in 2016, around 8.6 million pensioners receive a pension below 800 euros per month. That equates to 48 per cent.

A good 11.3 million, or 62 per cent of pensioners receive less than 1,000 euros on retirement pensions.

So, the usual news from Western Europe: while elderly white people often rely upon scant pensions or limited benefits to survive (or not survive, in this case), packs of newly-arrived “migrants” are led to their taxpayer-funded mansions at the government’s behest.

Britain, Germany and France are particularly fond of this kind of treason.

But Sweden, as usual, leads the way.

Regardless, it’s important to remember that Renate’s fate is the intended outcome of the Kalergi plan – the Jewish agenda to eradicate all white people in Europe through racial and financial warfare, ultimately transforming the continent into a borderless mass of raceless, controllable mongrels.

Obviously, the Jews and their blackmailed golems would prefer that Renate hadn’t killed herself quite so publicly (neglected pensioners throwing themselves from balconies tend to trigger the goyim; they’d rather she just wandered into the woods and quietly expired), but her death remains a cause for celebration for them.

Remember: the Jews desire the same fate for our grandparents, too. And our parents, and ourselves, and our children… all because our race is the one true obstacle on their path to complete control of this planet.

Also because of the six million.

Never, ever forget the six million.