Germany: Elite Security Forces Witch Hunted for Using “Neo-Nazi Name” While Guarding Erdogan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2018

Hey Germany, you know what I think would be a great idea?

To witch hunt all of your highly-trained security forces with nationalist (and National Socialist) tendencies.

Particularly, you want to anger, fire and totally disenfranchise those of them with sniper and explosives training. Especially those who are high-up in the ranks, and have loyalty among those who remain in the security forces. And then you should replace the white officers that the rank and file is loyal to with refugee children.

Get all of these Nazis out of their jobs, so they’re all together, meeting and talking with each other and organizing in “social clubs.”

I think this is a really, really great plan.

The best thing about the plan is that nothing could possibly go wrong.


A pair of police officers in eastern Germany used the name of a notorious neo-Nazi extremist to work undercover during an operation to protect Turkish President Erdogan who visited Berlin this week, local media reveal.

Criminal police in the eastern German state of Saxony are inquiring into two members of elite counter-terrorism unit SEK, the regional interior ministry said. The men were deployed to protect Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his much-anticipated trip to Germany.

As the officers had to work undercover, protocol required that they use a codename. Their choice was Uwe Boehnhardt, a notorious member of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) – a neo-Nazi extremist group that slaughtered eight Turkish immigrants, one Greek citizen, and a German police officer in the 2000s.

The bizarre codename surfaced when the two signed up to access internal documents they needed for the deployment, local media report. Officers in charge of the operation reacted swiftly, and the policemen were immediately recalled.

Petric Kleine, the head of Saxony criminal police, was first to react to the news. He said the use of Boehnhardt’s name was “hardly to be beaten in ‘stupidity’” and represented “blatant disregard of [his] victims and their relatives.”

Roland Woller, Saxony’s interior minister, echoed the words, calling it “disgusting, horrible and absolutely unacceptable.”

The NSU first came to light in 2011 when the bodies of Boehnhardt and his accomplice Uwe Mundlos were found inside a burnt-out motorhome in eastern Germany. The two are believed to have died in an apparent murder-suicide after a failed bank robbery in a town of Eisenach.


People who support such things need to be made into outlaws, who are extremely angry at the people who removed them from their positions, and are even more angry at the mobs of hajis flooding the country and the traitor politicians who support them.

It’s brilliant, and I fully support it.