Germany: Four Africans Hospitalize Man on Train Over Lit Cigarette

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

*Lights up on train*

“Thas rite white bois, watcha gonna do?”

Random passenger: “Mein gott! Could you please sto-”

*Ambulance sirens*

Voice of Europe:

On Thursday morning, four African men attacked several travellers on an S26 suburban train. A 24-year-old German man had to be admitted to hospital with a broken nose.

According to initial findings, a physical altercation between four people at the Südkreuz railway station, the S-Bahn line S26, took place around 9:20 a.m.

On the train, the four Africans, an Ethiopian and the three Somalis, got into an argument with other passengers. A man from the group of migrants is said to have suddenly kicked the neck of a Berliner who was complaining about a lit cigarette.

When other witnesses tried to intervene, another Berlin man was injured. The 24-year-old had to be admitted to hospital with a fractured nose and other facial injuries.

Shortly after a witness at the suburban train station Priesterweg pulled the emergency brake on the suburban train.

Police arrested the four migrants. Before that, they are also said to have attacked the train driver of the suburban train.