Germany: Granny Dogface Gives Back Ape Trophy Skulls to Conquered Apemen

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2018

We used to have wars.

Sometimes we’d get fucked up. More often than not, we would fuck the other guys up.

Keeping the skulls of vanquished enemies is a time-honored tradition of war. Honored by time that is a lot longer than recorded history.

But the new paradigm is that white people have to apologize for their former greatness – “we’re sorry we won so hard.”

Obama famously did a global “apology tour,” which was really just a “fuck white people” tour, because he wasn’t “apologizing for his country,” but attacking the whites who used to rule OUR country as evil.

Merkel giving apemen their skulls back – skulls that represent the heroic accomplishments of GERMAN MEN, many of whom died in the process of subduing Africa – is par for the current course.


Germany has handed back the human remains of indigenous people killed during a genocide in colonial Namibia more than 100 years ago.

A Namibian government delegation received the skulls at a church service in the capital, Berlin.

The bones had been sent to Germany for now-discredited research to prove the racial superiority of white Europeans.

Tens of thousands of Herero and Nama people were murdered in response to an anti-colonial uprising.

The genocide began in 1904 after a Herero and Nama rebellion in response to the German expropriation of their land and cattle.

The head of the military administration in what was then known as German South West Africa, Lothar von Trotha, issued an extermination order in October 1904.

The Herero and Nama were forced into the desert and any who were found trying to return to their land were either killed or put into concentration camps.

There is no agreed figure of how many died but some estimates have put it as high as 100,000.


lol @ “now-discredited.”

By whom?

The “discredited science” is the “race doesn’t exist” gibberish which has still never been accepted in biology. Or in medicine, where you have to fill your race on every form, because different races – due to their differing biology – have different medical needs and are prone to different diseases.

The only place where “race is a social construct” was ever argued was in the non-science of “sociology,” which is officially classified as a “social science” – meaning that it is ostensibly a “science” which is not subject to the scientific method, meaning that it is a “nonemperical science,” which is an oxymoron. Because the definition of science exists.

The first sociologist to introduce the “race is a social construct” theory was the Jew Franz Boas.

He openly considered his work in the fake science of sociology as a form of Jewish ethnic activism. He was aggressive about letting people know this.

For the last 70 years, the theory has never been looked at seriously, it has simply been taken for granted that it must be true, because the only person who would ask about it would be a Nazi. But again, that is only in the social and political realms. In actual science, they accept that human biodiversity is a biological reality.

Doctors regularly write long scientific papers claiming that the sociological theory that “race doesn’t exist” is inhibiting the development of medicine.

Point being: yes, black people definitely have different skull shapes, and yes, that is relevant to the biological sciences.

Many of the other racial differences are relevant to the social order, including the significantly lower black IQ, which leads to an increase in violent, criminal and otherwise anti-social behavior.

But wait.

Back to the issue of the skulls of our enemies.

When the one True Emperor of Mankind assumes his throne, his throne room will be lined with the skulls of his enemies.