Germany: Hajis Arrested After Torturing Woman to Death in Alleged “Sex Game” and Trying to Flee to Turkey

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2018

Just business as usual in the land of vibrancy.


A brutal murder which occurred in Berlin ahead of Christmas was likely committed during a bizarre “sex game” by a couple who tried to flee to Turkey afterwards, investigators believe.

A 55-year-old German woman, identified as Marianne M., was likely tortured and killed during a gruesome “sex game” with two suspects, German media reported Thursday citing investigation sources.

I’m pretty sure she would be native German.

My sympathy levels for a 55-year-old woman who get’s involved in a torture-sex game with hajis is limited.

This whole situation is like out of a horror movie.

The couple, identified as 36-year-old Taifun S. and his 27-year-old companion Jasmin P., reportedly met the victim online at a forum for people with kinky sex preferences. The two apparently rented an apartment specifically for the sexual encounter, where they tortured the victim for hours before finally killing her and disposing of her corpse.

The woman’s body was discovered wrapped in a blanket on December 23 by a passerby near dumpsters where the two suspects had allegedly left it. Initial police findings indicate the woman died after being subjected to “massive violence.”

Both suspects were detained at the Berlin-Schoenefeld airport on December 29. The pair was about to leave the country for Turkey. The suspects, it turned out, are well known to police, with both having notorious criminal records.

The man’s previous offences reportedly include drug trafficking, dangerous bodily harm, weapons law violations and theft. His companion is also known to the police for theft and resisting arrest. The couple is currently in custody.

Question: do you think that I, or any other white foreigner for that matter, would be allowed to stay in Germany after having been charged with drug trafficking, weapons, etc?

I have a warrant in that shit country for “Holocaust denial.”

Assuming I went back and was arrested for that, after having served my 5 years (regular sentence for denial) would I be released out onto the streets?

What exactly was the statistical chance that this guy would not commit another crime?

How can laws which specifically allow for criminals, if they have brown skin, to remain in the country and continue to commit crimes be justified as something other than a purposeful attempt to hurt German people?

Symbolic of This Whole Situation

A woman signing up for a sex torture game with hajis and then being murdered is a valid microcosm example of the larger situation of Islamic immigration into Europe. People are out there in the streets asking for these people to flood their countries.

And there is something sexual about it – obviously there is, all of the people calling for the immigrants are female and all of the immigrants themselves are male. Clearly, there is a masochistic desire to be abused. Especially in Germany they have that, because they hate themselves for that stupid gas chamber hoax.

I’m sure “Marianne M.” liked the fact that the dominators in her sex game were hajis. Until the point during the sex torture when she realized she was going to die.

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