Germany: Invaders Riot, Assault Police in Bamberg Asylum Center

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2018

The best thing about asylum center riots is that everyone affected always deserves what they get.

  • Asylum workers getting assaulted – good, serves those disgusting sluts right
  • Police getting assaulted – good, serves those traitorous badge fags right
  • Asylum seekers getting assaulted – good, GTFO of our countries you invasive brown parasites
  • The building itself getting assaulted – good, it is a den of iniquity that needs to be razed anyway

I’m rubbing my hands like a Jewish pawnbroker right now.


German police had to call in reinforcement, deploying scores of officers to quell mayhem in a reception center in country’s south, where a group of migrants faced off with security personnel.

A row between migrants in one of the reception centers escalated into open violence early Tuesday as people living in the shelter attacked local security staff that tried to intervene, police announced. A group of rioters then barricaded themselves in the building, forcing the security workers to call the police.

However, several local police squads that initially arrived at the scene located in the Bavarian town of Bamberg also failed to handle the situation. The officers were pelted with paving stones and had to call for backup.

Nine people were treated over smoke inhalation following the incident. One officer and one migrant also received light injuries in the mayhem. The nine suspects were charged with a “serious breach of public order” and arson as well as some other offenses, according to police. All those detained were identified as Eritreans.

The damage inflicted by the chaos amounted to €100,000 ($113,000), authorities announced. It is not the first time the center, which currently hosts 1,268 people, hit the media headlines in Germany. Just weeks ago, a roof of one of its housing facilities partially burned down in a large-scale fire. While the exact reason of the incident was not revealed so far, the damage caused by the blaze reached staggering €2 million ($2.26mn).