Germany: Islamic Terrorists Going to War with Neo-Nazi Gangs! No One Could Have Predicted This!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2019

Germans are simply shocked (shocked, I tell you) that importing millions of Islamic terrorists has led to a right-wing backlash.

Imagine being this much of a stupid baby.


Germany is facing both right-wing and Islamic radicalism as the two extremist factions feed on fear to increase their support in the country. RT looks at the worrying trend and how it can be tackled.

A suspect in the recent assassination of a pro-migrant politician is believed to have extensive ties to far-right groups. On the other end of the spectrum, police last week arrested a German man of Lebanese descent for plotting an “imminent” terrorist attack.

“Both of these sides are feeding off each other, and both of them have to be crushed,” Bijan Tavassoli, a member of the German Left party, told RT said, warning that “the tension has never been higher, and it’s still increasing.”

Yes, actions have consequences.

If you push white people all the way to the edge by telling them both that they’re pure evil and that it is their duty to babysit and pay for millions of Moslems who are raping their women and running them over with trucks, a fair number of them are destined to become dissatisfied with the situation and swing really far in the other direction.

The original Nazi movement of Adolf Hitler was only possible because of conditions forced on the German people against their will by moneymen.

A society is a system, and when you purposefully disrupt that system by injecting variables at random, you can end up with results that you did not intend. Although I have to say, you didn’t have to be a sociologist to figure out this equation.

Bijan Tavassoli’s solution of “crushing both sides” is totally insane. State crackdowns on Nazis and Jihadis will just lead to a strengthening of both groups, which will delegitimize the state and cause more people to join extremist groups.

But whatever. I don’t care. Leftists don’t apologize for left-wing terrorism, Moslems don’t apologize for Islamic terrorism, so I’m not going to pretend to give a shit about neo-Nazi terrorism. I’m not saying I support it, but I understand.

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