Germany: Migrants Issue Ultimatum to Police, Coppers Back Down and Convert to Islam on the Spot

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018

This is a very bad escalation. The police are no longer able to do their jobs.


German police have been forced to release a failed asylum seeker they were due to deport after being confronted by an angry mob of migrants. The officers caved in to the crowd’s demands and fled to avoid a “dangerous escalation.”

The incident took place in the town of Ellwangen in southern Germany overnight into Monday when a group of police officers arrived at a local refugee reception center. They were due to find and deport a Togolese man, 23, the Aalen police department said in a statement on Wednesday.

The officers had already detained the man and put him into a police car, when a crowd of about 50 people, who were living in the reception center, demanded the Togolese national be released “in an aggressive and threatening manner.”

I’m prone to flights of fancy from time to time. But I wonder what would happen if the police came to arrest one of ours and found fifty men, armed, not willing to hand them over.

Except the Bundy ranchers caved

Well, in America where the only redeeming quality to the police is that their sociopathic bumbling cruelty is more often than not taken out on Blacks, that would end in bloodshed and disaster. Probably.

Following what the statement described as an “extremely aggressive” confrontation that could allegedly “spiral into violence at any moment,” police had to release the man, who was already in police custody, in order to “avoid drastic escalation of the situation that could occur otherwise.” The police also said that, at some point, the mob grew from 50 to some 150 people.

The refugees and migrants allegedly encircled the two police cars that were present at the scene and started harassing the officers, the German dpa news agency reported. “They were very aggressive and threatened us in such an increasingly explicit manner that we had to leave the man [in the car] … and retreat to the reception center ward,” a police officer, who took part in the operation, told the news agency.

Police only confirmed in its statement that a police car was damaged as a result of the confrontation. The dpa further reported that the migrants then sent a center security guard as a messenger to the police officers, who had barricaded themselves in the ward. “Their message was an ultimatum: either the police officers remove the handcuffs from the Togolese within two minutes or they [the migrants] storm the gates [of the ward],” the DPA reported.

That’s pretty intense.

What does this mean though? Well, now that the police is refusing to arrest Antifa, targeting nationalists and not even doing its job rounding up blacks and Arabs…what use is the police – or for that matter the military to society anymore?

The word “anarcho-tyranny” gets thrown around a lot.

But this is exactly the situation we find ourselves in. The government of Germany is saying, “we refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).” 

Idk what to even do at this point…

Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. 

Some suggestions: the hardcore nationalist leaders who are at risk of getting arrested should go abroad for a time.

Yes, I’m talking about exile.

From there, they will have more freedom to write and organize and be able to do it on the cheap. Until something gives – either a major terrorist attack or the start of World War III or an economic crisis, it’s going to be slow-going.

Dissident leaders do this all the time. They’ve done it throughout all of history. It’s not cucking or cowardice.

Meanwhile, the people who are left in the country should obviously keep up the fight, but within the law. That means cucking on the message if it means keeping activists out of jail.

And I suppose you could extend this advice to countries like the UK and the US where arrests are a serious reality.

The news coming out of Europe and the US is quite stark. We should start adjusting accordingly.