Germany: Nazi Cops Force Blacks to Leave KFC Because of the Color of Their Skin

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer 
May 27, 2018

Blacks being too loud at KFC?

Get out of here with that nonsense.

Daily Mail:

KFC has been embroiled in a racism row after police were called to eject a group of black British tourists from one of its German stores following an argument with staff over noise.

In case anyone doesn’t know, a “black British” is a person who looks African, seems African, would be proven to be African by a DNA test, but then he speaks and you’re like “wow, 100% British.”

It’s sort of like a “white Chinese,” though that term doesn’t exist for some reason.

The aggrieved customers say they were told to leave for laughing and talking too loudly during a meal but claim they did nothing wrong and were targeted because of their skin colour.

Staff said the tourists had been throwing food and insulting employees, leaving the manager no choice but to call the police to ‘protect staff and guests’.

Berlin Police strenuously denied the accusation of racism and said it planned to press charges against the person who uploaded the video for violating the officers’ privacy.

A total of five police vehicles were sent to the branch in the Mitte district of Berlin on Monday afternoon as officers surrounded the group’s table and ordered them to get out while they were in the middle of eating.

A row ensued as the customers vehemently protested their innocence and they branded the officers ‘racist’ as they were escorted outside and forced to produce their passports.

So, it all comes down to who we should believe: a bunch of Germans whose ancestors operated pedal-powered brain crushing machines, gassed six million Jews for being good with money and might have even been werewolves, or a group of Britons renowned for their refined manners, strong literary tradition and love of croquet.

Some might call me krautphobic, but I’m with the Britons on this one. I can totally see these humorless Nazi cops scanning the restaurant, Terminator-style, for anyone whose skin might be a shade darker than the acceptable limit, then kicking them out just to make their grandfathers proud.

Outside, the woman tells shocked diners they are being kicked out ‘because we’re black’ – but nobody says anything.

An officer tells the group: ‘You wait here. Nobody goes home. I want a passport off everybody.’


These people haven’t friggin’ changed in 75 years!

KFC Germany stood by the manager’s decision to call the police, saying the group had behaved ‘inappropriately’.

Imagine mein shöck. A restaurant chain that still uses a brutal slavemaster as its mascot chose to side with the Aryans over the “dirty-skinned” blacks.

Pictured: Colonel Sanders and Lloyd Marcus. Not pictured: the cuffs around Lloyd Marcus’ ankles.

In a statement, the company said: ‘After failed attempts at conciliation, he was forced to inform the police to protect his staff and guests.

‘The wellbeing of our guests is our highest priority. We sharply reject any allegations of discrimination and distance ourselves from any form of racism.’

Pfff, that statement is even less convincing than Mel Gibson’s apology to the Jews.

I think it’s best that these Britons return to the UK, since I’ve never heard of blacks being thrown out of a British KFC. Indeed, it’s much more likely that the British police would arrest the white people who complained about them.

The Germans could learn a thing or two about tolerance from Britain, that’s for sure.