Germany: Nogger from Niger Rapes a Nine-Year-Old Girl

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 11, 2019

It’s all so tiresome.

Look, Germans: you brought in a man from a place called Niger.

The country is shaped like a fried chicken leg, ffs.

Are you really shocked that he ended up being a complete nigger?

Bild (Translation):

A police helicopter circled Pentecost Sunday over Roßlau. The crew assisted their colleagues on the ground in the search for a suspected child molester, who was on the run with the bike!

The suspicion: The man is said to have abused a girl (9) on the grounds of the former Russian barracks on Lukoer Strasse.

The investigators were successful! Shortly after 1 pm they were able to put the suspect on the street. “The man from Niger was temporarily arrested,” confirms police spokeswoman Doreen Wendland BILD.

After the investigators had evaluated all traces by Monday noon and heard the minor victim in the presence of the parents, the public prosecutor’s office Dessau decided on Monday: warrants are requested against the man!

Prosecutor Frank Pieper confirms: “We have issued an arrest warrant on suspicion of serious sexual abuse. The suspect was sent to custody.”

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