Germany Offers the Old East German Stasi Building to Google

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2018


This is funny because.

Because Google is literally the new global secret police, keeping tabs on everyone on earth, then giving over this information to governments.

Of course, they only give the information over to globohomo governments. They don’t give information on Russians to the Russian government – they give all that information to the US government.

But this is one of the key reasons that the US government has no desire to regulate the tech industry. If they did, they would obviously have to outlaw all of this spying that these companies are currently engaged in.

Plus they obviously like the fact that they can de facto censor any political ideas they don’t like while not being accused of violating the First Amendment because “these are private companies.”

I have to say once again that our primary goal at this time needs to be forcing the US government to regulate the tech industry. This is an issue Tucker is making a big deal out of, and Trump is talking about it, but no one else really is. Other than people like me and Alex Jones who have already been censored.