Germany: Pegida Leader Charged Over T-Shirt Protesting Gang-Rape

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2016


On Saturday, the German government assaulted gang-rape protesters in Cologne with water cannons, declaring their opposition to gang-rape unlawful.

Now, the leader of Pegida is being sought by police for wearing a t-shirt against rape which might hurt a rapist’s feelings.


This comes after a German official said that saying mean things about “refugees” on Facebook was “at least as bad” as a massive gang-rape and fireworks assault involving a thousand foreign men.


The leader of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA) street protest movement is facing prosecution for wearing a t-shirt reading, “Rapefugees not welcome” – the slogan of the 4000-strong march in Cologne this weekend.

Following the news of the mass migrant rape scandal that has gripped Europe, Lutz Bachmann and his PEGIDA movement organised the “Rapefugees Not Welcome” protest this Saturday in Cologne, stressing the importance of Western culture and the freedom and protection of women.

But while the political establishment took four days to start getting to the bottom of the New Year’s Eve sexual assault orgy, they have wasted no time pursuing Mr. Bachmann for wearing a t-shirt that opposes rape by migrants.

The Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper has reported that Mr. Bachmann – who is no stranger to controversy – is being pursued by Green Party politician and lawyer Jurgen Kasek, who has called the t-shirt “sedition”.

Mr. Kasek, speaking after he saw a picture of Mr. Bachmann wearing the t-shirt on Facebook (above) said: “That’s not a satire. That is sedition “, and has filed a complaint with Dresden’s prosecutor.

The t-shirt has the same motif as the banners carried at yesterday’s PEGIDA march – a woman pursued by armed men. Mr. Kasek has argued: “That’s just an excuse to incite hatred.”

The shirt is a parody of the now-iconic leftist/anarchist/Jew poster welcoming terroristic gang-rapists.


NOTE: You can buy your own “Rapefugees Not Welcome” t-shirt from our friends over at The New Observer. It’s less than 20 euros, including shipping.

The aggressiveness with which the German government is protecting gang-rapists is sick and weird. They are able to get away with it because the feminists support shutting down opposition to rape if it is by Brown people. Apparently, getting raped by Brown people fits into the twisted sex fantasies of feminist sluts.

Remember that I was criticized harshly for saying these women supporting the invasion actually wanted to get raped by Brown men.

People were all like “how dare you insult the honor of muh Aryan princesses!”

Girls-standing-with-sign-welcoming-migrants-7 0132

I have been vindicated.

Granted, it is obviously not every single woman, and maybe in the past I have made it seem like I believed that – mainly because I expected the reader to be intelligent enough to understand that I obviously don’t think every single woman in Germany has an Arab gang-rape fantasy.

But clearly, large numbers of them do.

The point should be that it doesn’t matter what women think, desire or believe. Their tendency to desire things which are terrible is why they have been controlled by men throughout history. It’s simple common sense.

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