Germany Raising Private Merkel Mercenary Mutt Army to Unleash on Eastern Europe

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2018

Merkel has gotten her marching order from the Learned Elders. She must now create a mutt army to conquer Eastern Europe.


In a bid to cope with shortage of recruits at home, German army reportedly floats an idea of opening its ranks to foreigners. Critics of the head-hunting proposal say the move might turn Bundeswehr into a “mercenary army.”

The German army may put up a call for foreigners to fill in understaffed military positions, according to a report by Augsburger Allgemeine. The Defense Ministry will reportedly attract foreign recruits into the Bundeswehr by offering a prospect of obtaining German citizenship.

The rationale behind the unconventional proposal is that anyone who decided to risk his life for Germany deserves to be its citizen. When asked to comment on the report, a military spokesman told the paper that “The Bundeswehr will grow, therefore we need qualified personnel. To this end, we try every available option.”

There will be yet another continental European war, it seems like.

The newspaper said it was the Bavarian Christian Social Union party (CSU), the sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU, which put forward the proposal. Florian Hahn, the party’s defense policy speaker, however, clarified the issue, saying they were referring to EU nationals who may be invited to enlist in the Bundeswehr. “Within the scope of European free movement, modern models could apply here,” he told the newspaper.

Yeah, yeah. It’ll be muzzies, let’s just be clear here.

And it’s funny, I remember some Russian conspiracy theorist told me once that the whole migrant invasion of Europe was all part of a plan to basically recruit manpower to throw towards the East in another continental war.

He told me that two years ago, and I remember thinking that what he said was absurd.

Now… not so much.

But actually, I think that Germany will use the army as leverage basically. Because economic carrot and stick policies aren’t enough to bend the other countries to Germany’s whims.

At the height of the Cold War the Bundeswehr comprised some 670,000 personnel, both military and civilians. Currently, there are 87,000 civilian personnel and 177,000 military staff employed by the military. A cap of 185,000 troops imposed back in 2011 will be broken after the Defense Ministry announced in 2016 a “long overdue” decision to recruit 14,300 additional soldiers over the next seven years. 


No seriously, why is Germany building up a “European army”? Can anyone answer this question? What is going on here?