Germany: Ten Hajis Attack Hebrew Rat in Berlin Park

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

We warned you, Yids.

We kept saying, “look, if you let millions of Moslems into Europe, they’re gonna come after you too.”

But you were too busy rubbing your paws, stroking your whiskers and squealing with glee at the thought of Europe becoming a post-apocalyptic wasteland teeming with gangs of subservient mongrels.

Well, it’s too late. The hajis are here, the world government has given them license to enrich, and they’ve got their crosshairs set on YOU!


Ten people have been detained by German police in the wake of an alleged anti-Semitic attack in a Berlin park, with local media reporting all involved are Syrian migrants.

The group, aged between 15 and 25, includes three women. Police did not release the names or nationalities of the suspects or the victim, but German daily Welt reported all involved are Syrians, AFP reports.

Heh, the kebabesses joined in. Based.

Meanwhile, German women are spreading their legs for these kikes:

Police allege the victim was attacked after he approached the group in a park to borrow a lighter, only for him to have his cigarette snatched away.

Typical Jew, always looking for something free.

I bet he returned to the park the following day, desperately searching the grass for that lost cigarette.

The 25-year-old was wearing a chain with a star of David, which police said was ripped from the victim’s neck by one of the assailants, while spewing “anti-Semitic insults.” The attacker allegedly repeatedly punched the victim in the face, before fleeing.

That was your biggest mistake, Chaim. Wearing a Star of David in the current year is like holding a giant placard that reads: “I’m a member of the tribe that orchestrated 9/11, builds abortion centers to please Moloch and makes pancakes out of children’s blood on Passover.”

The goyim know, Chaim. The Internet is the biggest goyim-knower-maker known to man, and those goyim are out for your blood.

Well, the hajis are, anyway.

Whites are learning the truth too, though. The Daily Stormer is making sure of that.

Last year the number of anti-Semitic offences in Germany rose from 654 in 2016 to 681 according to the German Interior Ministry. The number of violent attacks also increased, though the number of “hate speech” incidents has slightly decreased Die Welt reported.

In the capital itself, Berlin recorded a twofold increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes between 2013 and 2017, according to the latest German police figures.

A report in Tagesspiegel reveals that police figures seen by the Berlin newspaper show that 288 crimes classified as anti-Semitic were recorded by the German capital’s police in 2017. This is slightly less than double the 149 crimes recorded in 2013.

Good results, but I can’t help but feel that 32-year-old Syrian children are responsible for 99% of these attacks.

You’d think that actual Germans would want to even the scales a bit. I mean, come on. These kikes orchestrated a devastating world war against their country, framed them for genocide and guilt-tripped them into grinding their society into multicultural dust.

That’s pretty revenge-worthy.

At the very least, a German should go up to a Jew on the street, remove his glasses and chuckle as the little mole fumbles on the sidewalk, kvetching that he’s gonna be late to the asthma clinic.