Germany: Tenacious Haji Continues Terrorizing Steinhagen Town Hall

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2018

Welcome to the Germany of 2018, where town officials cower in fear every time a little brown haji comes strolling over to their building.

What a sad and defeated people.

Voice of Europe:

A town hall in Steinhagen had to close several times after an asylum seeker was terrorising it. “As soon as an employee sees the man coming, we close the town hall,” Mayor Besser tells a local newspaper.

Employees of the town hall informed the police several times. For example, the man shouting loudly in front of the town hall. He was arrested several times and released.

Previously, he had insulted and threatened some employees. Already in the past few weeks, the man had shouted and rioted in the town hall numerous times. Because of that, he already had a house ban there.

Last week the situation was out of control again, as the asylum seeker made death threats against the town hall staff.

Because of the threatening asylum seeker, the local government was forced to hire a private security service to protect its employees.