Germany: Turkroach Attacks Woman for Bumping Into Him in Supermarket

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against hitting a woman when she does something bad, such as breathe without permission.

But do we really want these smelly Turks in our countries, who chimp out at a moment’s notice?

Jihad Watch:

The police gave information on Thursday about an attack in a supermarket in the Hardenbergstraße. A 40-year-old Turk struck a store employee several times.

The police gave information on Thursday about the incident, which occurred on Friday at 5PM. It a small bump subsequently escalated in a supermarket in Cottbus’ Hardenbergstraße.

An initial investigation found that a 40-year-old man of Turkish descent was accidentally jostled by a supermarket employee while shopping. As a result, the Turk loudly demanded an apology and respect. The situation escalated and the man struck the 52-year-old employee several times with his hand against her head. A witness prevented further fisticuffs. The criminal police have begun further investigations.