Germany’s New Solution to Terrorism: Ban Backpacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2016


Infidel whores! Cover your hair!

Dealing with diversity isn’t easy.

Germany has recently discovered that not only does diversity lead to mass gang-sex attacks, it also leads to random shootings, axings, bombings and so on.

The good part is, the solution is always very straight forward. Along with prayer and Facebook posts in solidarity, you just take away freedoms from everyone. When that doesn’t work, you pray more, post on Facebook more, and take away more freedoms.


The Bavarian government is considering a blanket ban on backpacks during Oktoberfest after several terrorist attacks have rocked the region over the past week.

Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest and most well attended folk and beer festival in the world, attracting 5.9 million visitors last year. Although the visitors last year numbered in the millions, there was a 400,000 person decrease from the previous year, largely blamed on tight border controls due to the migrant crisis.

Politicians are now concerned more than ever that a potential terror attack will occur during the festival, and some are considering a ban on all backpacks at the event in an effort to increase safety, Bayerischer Rundfunk reports.

For Dieter Reiter, mayor of Munich, the Ansbach failed suicide bombing by a Syrian migrant outside a music festival has been a wake up call. Mr. Reiter now proposes a total ban on backpacks at Oktoberfest, the biggest event of the German calendar year, in order to prevent the same type of attack from occurring. “We are now talking of course even more intensively with the security authorities and the police about the subject of Oktoberfest,” he said.

While the ban on backpacks is currently only being considered, the mayor has said that all bags belonging to guests entering the Oktoberfest area will be subject to much more thorough searches than in the past. Mr. Reiker told German media that most Germans and visitors would understand the extra safety precaution in light of the recent attacks: “We will need to consider whether to prohibit backpacks. I say this quite openly, because since Ansbach everyone will have to understand that we need to think about such measures.”

The mayor also spoke about the aftermath of the Ansbach and Munich terror attacks. “It is a really bad time. A great depression has overcome the population in Bavaria,” he said.

Yes, it’s a bad time now, but fifty years down the line, they will have all integrated, and you just won’t have these problems anymore. We see that in France. It was rough when the Moslems first came to France after WWII, but now, there are no problems at all. Arab French citizens are exactly the same as White French citizens.

It’s just a matter of trying harder, and removing more freedoms.

And also praying.

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If you’re still getting slaughtered on the streets by Moslems, either you’re not praying hard enough, or you haven’t banned enough freedoms.