GHOULISH: Somali Niglets Chew Little British Girl’s Face to Pieces

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2018

That photo sends chills down my spine.

There are many words to describe this.

Nauseating and sickening. But frankly, this was so barbarous and dark that the word ghoulish comes to mind.

Daily Mail:

A toddler was left scarred for life after being bitten 15 times by other children on a day out at a soft play centre.

Willow-Ivy Doherty, 17 months, was playing with her brother Tucker, six and sister Aurora, three, at the Little Bees soft play centre in Seacroft, Leeds on November 2 when disaster struck.

Suddenly her mother Becky heard another parent scream ‘Oh my God, whose baby is this?’

The mother was forced to pull a little boy off Willow’s neck when it emerged she had 15 bite marks all over her body.

Single mother-of-six Becky claims her daughter was blue and the youngster ‘had a big smile on his face and blood all around his mouth’, reports The Mirror.

Becky said she believed the boy was two and was with a four year old who was apparently his brother.

Becky told the newspaper: ‘She looks like she’s been savaged by a dog, not a child.’

Close. She was savaged by feral niggers. They’re worse than dogs.

She eventually found the mother of the child, who she claimed insisted ‘That’s what kids do, that’s what kids do!’

Little Willow-Ivy was taken to hospital where she was given an urgent injection for Hepatitis B and treatment for her cuts.

She will also require a skin graft on her face.  


Now, actually, in the Daily Mail article, there is no mention of the race of the two little orcs that attacked the white babe.

Does that mean that I’m making up Fake News?

Well, no. We can play detective here and deduce that it was niggers from key clues hidden in the text.

For example, we can infer from the shrill “DEY DINDU NUFFIN” protests of the demonic kids’ mother, that she was a dindu-ess. A white tot wouldn’t try to chew off another kid’s face, but even if he did, his mom wouldn’t chimp out and defend them for their heinous behavior like that.

So that’s Clue #1

Yeah, that’s right. A nigger is the star of Blue’s Clues now

Clue #2: the white mum said it was niggers on her Facebook.

Now, my Single Mother is a little bit rusty, but I believe “Samarlian” means “Somalian.” Personally, I think it’s best to describe them as a NigDuo to the kids.

But it is funny how I didn’t need to even read the Facebook to know that blacks were to blame.

Drawing from my own personal experience, I know that niggers love to bite other kids because, again, they’re literally just feral over-sized chimps.

And I must say, this slag of a mother also deserves blame. Whoring around and leaving your kids without a father means also leaving your kids without a guardian to protect them from wild Niglets, Nigduos and even Nigtrios.

Because the State sure as hell isn’t going to protect your kids if they’re White. And you’re too much of a broke, stupid whore to be a guardian yourself, seeing as you got caught relaxing around blacks like the dumb airheaded white bitch that you are.

Some talking points for you going forward:

  1. Multiculturalism is child abuse.
  2. Single motherhood is child abuse.

You can add these rhetorical bombshells to your arsenal and prepare them for use on your shitlib apologist estranged family come this Thanksgiving.