Girl Scouts Sue “Scouts BSA” (Formerly Boy Scouts) For Stealing Their Brand

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2018

This is what you get for being nice to women.


The Girl Scouts of the United States of America filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday, after the Boy Scouts decided to drop “Boy” from its namesake program and start welcoming older girls.

In the complaint, the Girl Scouts said the Boy Scouts have no monopoly over such terms as “scouts” and “scouting” when it offers services to girls.

“Only GSUSA has the right to use the Girl Scouts and Scouts trademarks with leadership development services for girls,” and the Boy Scouts infringements are “new and uniquely damaging to GSUSA,” the complaint said.

“We did what any brand, company, corporation, or organization would do to protect its intellectual property, the value of its brand in the marketplace, and to defend its good name,” the Girl Scouts said in a statement.

They kind of have a point. Boy Scouts dropped their balls. They stepped into Girl Scouts territory. What did they expect?

Things used to be so simple.

Men had their spaces, and girls had theirs. Boys played boy’s games and girls made cookies and cleaned and did other girl stuff. Everyone knew their place.

For some, the Boy Scouts was like a time machine, a space they could go to be themselves and relate to other boys, do boy stuff and learn while having fun, to experience a bit of what the world used to be. Places like those are harder to come by nowadays. Women have been forced into everywhere – your school, your workplace, your club, your gym, your vidya, your music – everywhere.

Always nagging, always whining, always complaining. No escape.

Before, you could at least go do scout stuff, be male, make friends, have honor, learn useful skills, and bond with your peers.

This was good, everyone had a great time.

When girls wanted in, you’d just point them to the kitchen or to the Girl Scouts and they’d accept it and even have a great time there too.

Jews have doubled down on sex-warfare and started pushing for more “equality” in recent decades, with nefarious effects on children’s psyche.

You could have had this, but, the globo-homo doesn’t want you to have it.

First the Boy Scouts started allowing gay members, and then transgenders. That didn’t give them enough goodgoy points apparently, because this year they announced that they were dropping the word “Boy” and that they’d allow girls in.

But why would Boy Scouts allow girls? Don’t girls have the Girl Scouts?


Sydney Ireland has been involved with scouting since she was four years old, when she began tagging along with her older brother to Cub Scout meetings. Since then, she has been an unofficial, but enthusiastic, member of Troop 414 in Manhattan.

Now she is 16, and she’s pushing Boy Scouts of America to allow girls like her to become official members.

Sydney has earned ample support for her endeavor, including from fellow scouts and the National Organization for Women. But her critics inevitably ask the same question: Why don’t you just join the Girl Scouts?

“I know that almost everything that the Boy Scouts do, I want to do,” Sydney said. “And if they’re identical programs, then why are they separate?”

Don’t confuse kindness with weakness, and don’t show weakness to women. They can smell that like blood in the water and they will take you for all you will give them, every time, until everything is destroyed beyond recognition.


Do you want more of that modern degeneracy?

Then stand your ground.