Giuliani Says We Have to Find Buzzfeed Leakers – What If There Are No Leakers?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2019

Giuliani is saying we need to hunt down whoever leaked the false report to Buzzfeed regarding Michael Cohen’s confession.

What I would respond to that is: what if there are no leakers?

What if Buzzfeed just made this up?

We know it is false because even Mueller himself came out and said it.

Yet Buzzfeed is standing by the report, with one of the reporters claiming to know for a 100% fact that it’s true.

So which is more likely?

That there are sources who lied to Buzzfeed?

Or that Buzzfeed just made it up themselves and used “anonymous sources” as an excuse to print it?

If Mueller himself wouldn’t have come out and denied this was true, then Jewish Adam Schiff would have been able to continue to push for an investigation based on this fake report.

Trump has called the media “fake news” for a long time, and it has been repeatedly discovered that they were knowingly printing false information about the President. Now, they’re attempting to take this further and actually get investigations done based on shit they just made up.

At what point does it become time to begin investigating the media as part of a seditious conspiracy to undermine the elected government of the United States?

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