Giving Money to the Homeless for Cleaning Up Litter is Retarded

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2018

San Jose

This is horrible.

Mercury News:

San Jose is home to some beautiful architecture and brilliant art, but also to freeway on-ramps and creek embankments that are littered with ugly trash and debris.

Now, the city is launching a new effort to clean up dirty parts of town, and it’ll help dozens of homeless people get back on their feet at the same time.

Starting in November, San Jose will pay more than 25 homeless residents at least $15 an hour to pick up trash at more than 40 “hotspots” around the city.

“We are working to transform lives,” Mayor Sam Liccardo said during a press conference at Downtown Streets Team’s San Jose office Thursday morning to announce the new program.

The organization, which works to end homelessness, and Goodwill will hire and manage the workers.

Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram offered steep discounts on two trucks to support the effort. The ultimate goal is to help participants transition into full-time employment.

Yes, yes.

This is obviously just a bullshit scam that a bunch of city officials are getting kickbacks for.

Why not just kill people for littering, then make their bodies into food for the homeless like in the famous film SoYlent Green (spoiler: it’s people, not soy).

Great film.

Heston, truly the greatest.

But wait, I’ve got a better idea: why not just kill people for littering and then also kill homeless people?

Why on earth would any society need litterers or homeless people? 

We talk a lot about why you wouldn’t want fags, Jews, Moslems, etc. – but seriously, why have the homeless?

They are either junkies or mentally ill.

Get rid of them already!

Death needle and cremation!