Glenn Beck Declares Jihad on the Alt-Right

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

Glenn Beck is trying desperately to stay relevant. It’s an uphill battle for him, for sure.

But this series on the Alt-Right might put him back in the spotlight.

In short, he’s pushing the the whole “Russia is funding the Alt-Right” angle.

Boomers – Glenn Beck’s audience – like this kind of stuff. Shadowy figures pulling strings and funding secret groups and all this James Bond Cold War stuff that they grew up on. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t really work that way anymore. I mean, maybe it does to a certain extent. But from what I understand, the only side that gets the benefit of shadowy networks and secret funding is the Jewish side, because it is they, not the goyim, who’ve been getting closer and closer to world domination as modernity has moved forward.

And in general, Boomers ALWAYS fail to see the forest for the trees.

Take George Soros for example. They LOVE the Soros conspiracy stuff. And to be fair, Soros IS indeed funding a lot of bad stuff around the world. But when you try to tell them that that Soros is the tip of the iceberg, that he’s Jewish and that he operates with the same goals as a powerful Jewish cabal…well that’s when you lose the Boomers.

And this is the same formula that Glenn is applying to the Right.

He’s come up with a sinister-sounding figure – a modern Russian Rasputin – and he’s going to give him the George Soros treatment, but for the Right this time instead. In other words, this Rasputin is who gives us our marching orders. He’s the one with the master plan. He’s the one providing the financing, straight from the Kremlin.

It falls right into the Boomers’ inability to see patterns.

They can’t see that non-White immigration is causing a lot of tension and that the Alt-Right is the long-overdue manifestation of White discontent. That’s a society-wide pattern, a forest if you will. They can only understand trees, like the sinister-sounding Dugin who is using Black Ops to stir up the pot.

Dugin pictured here, using his Sith powers to fund the Alt-Right

Actually, Glenn’s latest Blackboard antics remind me of his older performances for Fox.

He got fired for those because he got too close to the truth. Beck had a choice: continue onward or cuck.

Like many before him, he chose to cuck, probably helped along by a knock on the door at night from Mossad.

Now he’s done a complete 180 and spends most of his time attacking Trump and shilling for Israel. It was only natural that he would circle round to the Alt-Right eventually.

But if there’s anyone that can make Glenn break down crying again…well let’s just say he picked a fight with the wrong people.