Global Push for White People to Start Eating Bugs Because of Global Warming

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

I have noticed an undeniable uptick in “eat da bugs, goyim!” content coming from the media. It’s safe to say that the push to get people to accept eating bugs as an alternative lifestyle and a social statement that makes you cool is now undoubtedly a thing and no longer speculation.

There is a serious push going on now to get White people comfortable with the idea of eating bugs. 

But we can relax… for now.

This plan will never work because veganism is the trendy thing now and vegans are literal ghouls who drink human blood, and who have their own subculture that doesn’t listen to the media.

The only people who are eating bugs right now are those kids on the playground who desperately want attention and aren’t old enough to stream on Twitch yet. If the Jews want to get this bug thing going, they need to talk to popular influencers on Instagram and convince e-THOTs to eat bugs on camera in their underwear.

But it will be impossible to convince the ghouls to participate in this, because while they are comfortable drinking human blood and presumably eating human babies, they think that eating literally any other living thing at all is immoral and wrong. More than that, they’re against eating anything that was even created by animals, because that is stealing the products of the animals’ labor. Vegans can’t even eat honey because the bees get too tired making honey all day long or something, so how are you going to get them to eat the bees, you dumb fucking Jews?

You didn’t think this plan through at all, did you?

Why would someone who already swore off of all creature-based products suddenly start eating bugs?

You fucked up. 

VOG is already three steps ahead of BOG and that’s why I believe that VOG is our greatest ally in the fight against BOG.

When you have some Jew trying to force you to stick a cicada down your throat, you can just say, “sorry, Shlomo, I’m a vegan. I only engage in ethical recreational cannibalism with my trendy hipster friends. No bugs for me, thanks. Check and mate.”