Global Thought Police Struggle to Explain French Yellow Vest Revolt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

The ruling Jewish elite has struggled to attempt to make global warming into a popular issue, but it has obviously remained something that only an elite minority believes in, cares about or even thinks about. So when they cause a massive inconvenience to normal people’s lives in the name of this hoax, and the people revolt, the only actual solution is to lecture the people.

At which point people are forced to ask what the point of a government is if it exists simply to lecture the population. No one is really all that interested in getting lectured, and people generally elect a government to promote the general interests of the population. And if the government is serving the interests of an elite minority that believes in the global warming hoax – and isn’t even actually serving their financial interests, just making them feel good – then is the existence of that government justifiable?

The New York Times has concluded that the French are simply whiny, and need to go back inside:

While polls show that the Yellow Vests have the backing of three-quarters of the population, questions have swirled about how much pain the protesters are really experiencing — or how much of the outpouring can be chalked up to a centuries-old culture of demonstrating against change.

France protects citizens with one of the most generous social safety nets in the world, with over one-third of its economic output spent on welfare protection, more than any other country in Europe.

In 2016, France spent around €715 billion on health care, family benefits and unemployment, among other support.

They have such good welfare benefits, they just need to shut up about the declining wages which are compounded by ever-rising taxes, as they are then mocked by the elite with a completely fake tax on driving.

This is pure “shut your mouths, goyim.”

Because the global warming agenda is going to necessarily be a “sorry, we don’t really give a fuck about you people” terror campaign against the public, but it has to be done in order to justify globalism, and to force people to adapt to third worldist standards.

You’ll notice that all of this “global warming” talk disappeared for a few years after the signing of the Paris climate accords, and then came back when Trump was elected and there was this whole gigantic backlash against globalism.

The reason they quit talking about is because people were like “wait is this fake – because it seems fake.” New information kept coming out continually disproving the theory, no cities were flooded as Al Gore had claimed they would be, none of the other catastrophes were happening.

And it looked for a minute there like the debate was over.

All the global warming programs had been forced through internationally and forced on America by Obama, you were going to have the feminist trifecta of Merkel, May and Clinton ruling the West, and everyone was just going to get very quickly buried by brown people before they figured out anything that was happening.

Then when Trump got elected they had to bring all this global warming stuff back with a vengeance in order to justify their own existence as they redefined globalism as global anti-Trumpism.

Global warming is the lynchpin of the “why we need a global government” argument. It is also a scam to transfer wealth and development to the third world by restricting development in the first world through crippling taxes.

Even if you believe this gibberish is real, telling working class people they can’t drive is the epitome of elitism. Virtually all of France’s living sectors, like America’s, were built for cars, where people that work drive to work. No specific person or group designed that system, that’s just the way things happened. So blaming the people for that, and forcing taxes on them to punish them because of something scientists determined about the weather is gross.

The reason that this is all important is that it seems to be further crystalizing, on the global scale, the fact that globalism is an elitist system which seeks to displace and harm the masses. There is really no more room for a leftist movement to claim that it is anything other than elitist and hellbent on exterminating the working populations of the West.

This is extremely frustrating for the “anarchists,” who want to present their corporate-endorsed fake ideology as “resistance” to something or other.

On the Yellow Vests, the anarchist blog Crime Thinc had this to say:

What should anarchists do in a situation like this? We can’t side with the state against demonstrators who are already struggling to survive. Likewise, we can’t side with demonstrators against the natural environment. We have to establish an anti-nationalist position within anti-government protests and an anti-state position within ecological movements. 


They have to figure out a way to take natural resistance and turn it inside out by injecting a bunch of ideology mumbo-jumbo.

Looking at that extreme example makes the larger situation clear: leftists have lost any ability to even pretend that they are in support of the people.

Ideological bullshit artistry only works in a time of wealth. People who are struggling to make ends meet financially, struggling to feel at home in their own country as it is being overrun by foreigners, struggling to make basic male-female relationships work in a climate that is hostile to traditional sex relations, they simply do not have the luxury of indulging in ideological mumbo-jumbo.

Without its ideological cover, the left can be seen as a naked attack on the population.

Unfortunately in America, we have a large brown-skinned population to be used against the people in elections. When they ally with single women, who are also wards of the state and of the system, it becomes very difficult for the people to win elections.

Most European countries still have 15% or less brown population, a large portion of which do not have the right to vote. So if Europeans are able to see what is happening clearly, they can theoretically vote out this disease.

And there is no more clear representative of anti-human elitism than Emmanuel Macron.

The guy really is like some kind of caricature of a disdainful, arrogant, perverse hater of normal people.

He also comes across as an impudent brat. Which doesn’t help.

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