GOD EMPEROR Announces Swift and BRUTAL Crackdown on Twitter Censorship!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

While Facebook was busy cracking down on itself, Trump announced a crackdown on the illegal practices of Facebook, censoring political opponents of the company.

“Illegal” is his word, not mine.

And guess what, kids?

If “shadowbanning” Republicans is against the law, then banning “far right” dissidents is also against the law.

I don’t know what law he is talking about – maybe one that hasn’t been written yet. But there are so many laws already he can probably find one they’ve violated.

I can’t imagine any reason why it would be legal for a privately owned monopoly to censor legally protected speech – at least not outside of an ancap dystopian nightmare, which is not the sort of dystopian nightmare we’re currently living in.

This also comes at the same time that Alex Jones got yet another strike on his YouTube channel, and the Jew media is frothing at the mouth to have him removed from the platform completely.

But Us Tho

There is no way that what has happened to the Alt-Right should be legal. And it only is because of lobbying by Silicon Valley to keep their industry unregulated. But at this point, they are going to start to want to be regulated. Especially after watching this massive downfall of Facebook, which is in large part due to the bad press they got for not managing to censor their own platform.

We need government guidelines for censorship. And the only possible government guideline for speech on the internet would be the First Amendment. Obviously, if Russia is somehow hacking the ad system, or if it is ruled that it is against the law for foreigners to use the ad system of another country – then okay, whatever. That doesn’t have anything to do with us.

What I believe is that not only does Trump and the GOP realize that they have a need for regulation in the industry in order to ensure that conservative and right-wing voices are able to be heard, but that the industry itself is beginning to realize this.

Everything is lining up for our glorious return to social media.

And my glorious return to my DOT COM.

Back to the Twitter

Probably there will be rules that are not exactly the same as the First Amendment when it comes to “cyber bullying.”

So probably some of these troll campaigns we did in 2015-16 are going to be off limits.

But we will be able to say what we want politically.

Twitter will come up with a filter that gives people the option to mass block people who say “nigger” and “kike” and “throw trannies off roofs,” but we are going to be able to say it as long as it is not targeted.

They can employ a “safe space” option.

But the public space – it is legally ours.

Trump finally saying what I’ve been saying – that this is harming his own ability to run his political campaigns – is the biggest step. The fact that he straight accused them of breaking some law makes it all the greater.

I think he needs to move now with a rapid series of threats, and then put Ajit Pai on including a free speech clause as part of the New Net Neutrality.

It needs to happen quickly.

Obviously, things move slowly. And it won’t happen before the midterms. But he might get them to let up on shadowbanning before the midterms by announcing new guidelines.

I’m sure Pai already has them prepared.

He has met with Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, who is pushing for exactly this: full neutrality on the internet, where monopoly services are not allowed to make decisions about what content is morally acceptable.

Prince flew to Washington after Daily Stormer was the first site he ever banned, and then he got 30,000 requests from the SPLC and other Jewish groups to block more sites. He said it isn’t his job.

This is messing with his money. The only people who put ideology over cashflow are Jews, and he isn’t Jewish, so he is like “wtf is this shit, I don’t have time to become a priest of the SJW religion in order to make moral judgements on speech.”

He is also getting sued by copyright trolls with the core of their argument being that he took down DS, so he can take down everything.

@jack is also not Jewish, and his company isn’t in full collapse like Facebook, but he’s got problems, many of which stem from the fact that he is being held morally responsible for every single post on his site.

None of these companies – other than Google – are too big to fail.

Donald Trump is the biggest thing keeping Twitter going.

@jack wants to be able to throw his hands up and tell the ADL and the rest of the “Trust and Safety” council that he has no choice in deciding who is allowed to use his platform to say what. Even if he is really ideologically driven, his shareholders certainly are not, and he could eventually be ousted if he keeps fucking up that company’s money by bending to anti-speech lunatics.

I’m Very Optimistic on This

I think I’m getting my domain back. And all of my services.

I think we’re all getting our Twitter accounts back.

And our Facebook accounts. Though I never even had one of those.