Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

And who is the top commenter.

Oh, it’s one of our regular top commenters.

Brian Krassenstein.

And he is thanking Trump for his grand new interventionist policy.

I cannot put my rage into words.

All caps would help, but I have to ween myself off of all caps.

I have to try to stay calm, and analyze the situation of the reality that we are in the process of building up a war machine to fight Venezuela, and that this situation is emerging mere days after Trump folded like an origami swan on the wall.

Part of the problem is the jarring nature of the situation. This is such a rapid fall.

We were all feeling so good about the shut down, everything seemed to be shaping up after the midterms, and then – for no reason – it is announced that Nancy will be given everything she’s asking for, that this was “a deal.”

Then, all of the sudden, you have a rapid formation of a war machine against a random South American shithole.

This is the Twilight Zone.

You all know I wrote that article, which shames me, where I was like “ah no, this is just some thing with a thing down there, whatever.”

Then hours later the little drum went full bongo drum, and we’re ready to march off to war.

I just never even could have imagined that all of the sudden a war with Venezuela would appear.

If it would have been “oh well, we’re staying in Syria, and fighting Assad now,” I would have been outraged, but I would not have been so taken off guard. We’ve all had an eye on Trump’s Middle East policy, and been worried he’d go full neocon there, but I simply was not thinking about Venezuela.

What else do we have on Trump’s Twitter…

Fences are actual walls.

Not the artistically-designed steel slats, but just the normal fences that have always been there.

Trump doesn’t have to build a wall, because it already exists.

Here it is:

He didn’t need the 5 billion, because we’re repairing the existing WALL (pictured above) anyway.

He has us covered.

I Literally Can’t Even

This rapid shock and awe shift into a deranged alternate realm is difficult to process because it happened so fast, and that appears to be the purpose of it.

This is the Kushner agenda coming into view.

There is no way that Trump doesn’t lose his base over what he is doing right now.

I was basically the epitome of a Trump shill. I have always been a diehard supporter. Everyone knows this.

Losing me is a symptom that you’re about to lose everyone.

This is what crashing and burning looks like.

I don’t know what else to say.

But at this point, we need to get the memes out there that Trump is betraying his base and betraying the country in the name of a Jewish agenda. If you’re talking to normiecons, you don’t have to say “Jew.”

But get it out there. Tell the people what is going on. Fight back against the boomercon shills defending this Venezuela operation, and fight back against his stupid claims that the existing fence on the border is actually a wall.

There is still a chance to get this turned around.

But the chance gets slimmer by the minute.