Good Eye. They All Look the Same to Me.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2018

This chick, wow.

Really good eye.

Fox News:

An Atlanta man was sentenced to life in prison Friday after he was convicted of raping a woman – who reportedly recognized him during a chance sighting at a train station six years after the assault.

Antonio White, 54, was waiting for a train at a MARTA subway station in Atlanta in October 2013 when he was spotted by his victim.

“She was overcome by the moment and began to yell out that he was the man who had raped her six years earlier,” the Fulton County district attorney’s office said in a statement, adding it was the first time the woman had seen White since the attack.

In August 2007, White spotted the unidentified victim walking to a MARTA subway station in Atlanta and offered to give her a ride. The woman accepted because she recognized him from the neighborhood where she previously lived, the district attorney’s office said.

But instead of driving her to her destination, White took her to an abandoned house, prosecutors said. She attempted to run away, but White chased her with a gun and managed to pull her back inside the car, where he raped her, the district attorney’s office said.

During the assault, prosecutors said White threatened the victim: “Shut up that screaming [expletive] or I’ll kill you.”

The victim did not report the crime to the police and did not know the name of the man who raped her, the district attorney’s office said. She did, however, tell her friends and family about the assault.

After the victim identified White at the subway station, MARTA police arrested him and turned him over to the Atlanta Police Department, WAGA-TV reported.


It sounds like the woman was also black. Although I wasn’t aware that a black woman could be raped, since they will just fuck anything like an animal.

Also unclear as to how they could have proved this, given that she didn’t report it at the time. I guess he probably just confessed upon questioning. The Atlanta DA said he’d also raped other women.

So, maybe he raped her, maybe he is just some other black guy. Whatever. They all deserve to be in jail.

Seriously Tho, They All Look the Same

It is a scientific fact that they all look the same, because they have less refined facial features, i.e., because they are less evolved.

It is literally scientific, in that it is related to technological science – facial recognition software has been labeled “racist” because it turns up more false positives on blacks, because they look so much alike.

They come up with excuses for it, and say it is “dark skinned people,” but it is actually “negroes” because of the similarity of their faces.

Furthermore, black women have such high testosterone that they are identified as men, which is very funny.


Earlier this year, MIT researchers Joy Buolamwini and Timnit Gebru highlighted one of the ways face recognition is biased against black people: darker skinned faces are underrepresented in the datasets used to train them, leaving facial recognition more inaccurate when looking at dark faces. The researchers found that when various face recognition algorithms were tasked with identifying gender, they miscategorized dark-skinned women as men up to a 34.7 percent of the time. The maximum error rate for light-skinned males, on the other hand, was less than 1 percent.

“To fail on one in three, in a commercial system, on something that’s been reduced to a binary classification task, you have to ask, would that have been permitted if those failure rates were in a different subgroup?” Buolamwini asked in an accompanying news release from MIT.

In the paper, Microsoft’s gender classifier had a 20.8 percent error rate for dark-skinned women. In response, Microsoft announced in June it was recalibrating the training data through diversifying skin tones in facial training images, applauding itself for balancing the racial discrepancies in gender classification rates. This, however, only speaks to one kind of bias in face recognition.

The “underrepresented in datasets” excuse is just fake. It simply is not true. They are meticulous with this stuff, but it just doesn’t work on black people, because they all look the same.

This is not just “people of different races think other races look the same.”

East Asians have highly refined features and it works really well on them (even though all East Asians also look the same to me personally, scientifically they do not).

Watch this futuristic video of China employing facial recognition on CCTV cameras to identify social credit rating.

Read the article about that too, it’s fucking nuts.