Good Guy FDA Delivers on New SUPER Opioid to Help Whitey Get Dat High

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2018

Personally, I love me a strong painkiller. But I’ve always wondered if I could get something even stronger. 

Luckily, the FDA and the Sackler family heard my prayer!


The FDA has approved the rollout of a new opioid drug up to 1000 times stronger than morphine, despite the opioid crisis that is currently killing more Americans than any other cause of accidental death.

The agency sided with its Anesthetic and Analgesic Advisory Panel, which voted 10-3 to approve Dsuvia, a sublingual tablet form of sufentanil, against the recommendation of its chairman. At 5-10 times the strength of fentanyl, sufentanil is 500-1000 times stronger than morphine, and will supposedly only be administered to treat acute pain in medically-supervised settings. 

Ayyy lol, you just know that nurses are going to be stealing that shit and selling it on the street. And then the Chinese will be pumping out the generic, lacing it with fentanyl and shipping it through their North American forward outpost (formerly known as Canada).

But hey, maybe the FDA is really on our side here.

Just trying to make the lives of average Americans pain-free.


I kid.

The FDA has only one job and that’s to keep America sedated. Because the only thing keeping America from splitting apart at the seams are FDA-approved sedatives, mood-regulators and cheap methods for the lumpenproles to get really really high.

Because everyone and their dog is on these drugs in America.

Now, imagine what would happen if there weren’t enough drugs to keep people occupied and distracted?

Shit would be off the hook, yo.

My message to all you kids out there playing around with drugs is this: that drug high ain’t nuthin’ compared to the Race War high you’re gonna feel when this shit finally kicks off.

I fully expect to spend my Race War experience in a sort of religious trance/fervor.

Don’t you?