Good Thing Hitler Lost. Really Dodged a Bullet There.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2018

Conservative cucks constantly signal about the “good war” against Adolf Hitler.

But let’s take a step back here.

If Hitler won the war, would this be happening?

Diversity Macht Frei:

The Berlin Senate has paid for a 140-page teaching manual that provides instruction for teachers on how to teach gender diversity issues to pre-school children at nursery institutions.

The educational initiative is called Queerformat. So far it is a first for Germany, but no doubt will soon spread elsewhere.

The title page reads “Murats plays a princess, Alex has two mothers and Sophie is now called Ben – Sexual and gender diversity as topics for inclusive pre-school teaching.”

I think it is very safe to say that “no, if Hitler had won the war, this wouldn’t be a lesson for pre-schoolers.”

In fact, we can all ask this question about things happening in our own countries: “is this what we fought Hitler for?”

Did we fight Hitler for:

  • Being ethnically displaced in our own countries?
  • Black Lives Matter rioting and assassinating cops?
  • Tranny bathrooms?
  • Oxycontin?
  • No-fault divorce?
  • Pornography?
  • On-demand abortion?
  • Homosexual adoption?

Of course, the idea that “we would be speaking German now” if we hadn’t fought the war is stupid. Hitler had no plan to invade America, and even after we attacked the Axis, there is no chance that Hitler would have literally forced us to speak German if he had won. Granted, it is possible that we would be learning German instead of Spanish as the default second language in that situation.

But would you not, simply in terms of quality of life, rather speak German in a wholesome white country than continue speaking English in the degenerate cesspool we currently inhabit?

Was it really a “good war”?

I have been constantly called a “Neo-Nazi” by the Jews.

Of course now I self-identify that way as a method of mocking the irate Jews who call me that, but I only started doing that in 2015, when it became clear that attempting to disagree with the Jews on that point simply put me on the defensive, and that it would be better to simply make a mockery of the concept.

It was difficult to understand what that means, exactly, when Jews start calling you that when you have never identified that way or gone along with any of the tropes associated with 1980s Neo-Nazi subculture.

But I have come to understand that this is how “American Neo-Nazi” is defined by the Jews:

“An American Neo-Nazi is person who believes it would have been better for America if Hitler had won the war.”

And of that, I am guilty as charged.

I am an American and I am a patriot and I will say without reservation and without apology that for my country and my people, I would go back in time and put a bullet in the head of every single America soldier who landed on the beaches of Normandy.

Of course, that is an absurd scenario. Time machines do not exist. And if they did exist, I could simply go back and show the people pictures of 2010s America and say “make peace with Hitler, or this is your future.”

And not a single white American alive at that time would have supported that dirty war for the Jews.

That is the relevance of Hitler to the modern right-wing in America.

It is not a matter of trying to resurrect a historical German system, it is a matter of acknowledging the fact that in this war with that historical German system, our country made a mistake which we are still paying for and will continue to pay for until we acknowledge it.

And in that: when the Jews accuse us of being “Neo-Nazis,” they are accusing us of rebelling against their agenda for this country.

They are accusing us of loving America.