GOODBYE JEWS: Kikes Realize They are No Longer Welcome in the UK Labour Party

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2018

There’s the Nietzsche quote we all know.

But a version of that for the Jews should be: “if you create a bunch of monsters, eventually those monsters will eat you.”

The Jews flooded the UK with communism. Then they flooded it with Islam. Then these two monsters combined into a single force in the Labour Party.

And they are acting surprised that this monster has turned on them.

A Jewish St. Andrew’s University student writes for The Spectator:

As I’m writing this, I can’t stop thinking about my sixteen year old self: a naïve, optimistic teenager who had just joined the Labour party, sure that Ed Miliband was going to put the country to rights, and that being one of the party members who would help him do that was an honour and a duty.

Ed Miliband was the former Jewish leader of the Labour Party.

He was run out by Moslems and Jeremy Corbyn, due largely to his Jewishness and support for Israel.

How times have changed. In the wake of Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal, I’ve now left the party. Here’s why.

I should start by saying I’m Jewish. When I was growing up, I thought that that meant that I belonged to the religion of Judaism, and that I couldn’t eat bacon. More recently, I’ve learned that it actually means I can eat as much bacon as I want, but also that I’m automatically suspected by some to be complicit in smearing left-wing politicians, endorsing the murder of Palestinians, and God knows what else. So swings and roundabouts, really.


Because you are part of a racial group which pretends to be a religious group.

I know that sounds glib, but I feel like glibness is the only option open to me other than rage and despair. I mean, imagine. You join a political party because it looks like the only sane political force left in Britain. Then members of that party call you a kike, a Mossad agent, a Zionist whore. Members of that party threaten your friends on the basis of your religion. Members of that party deny the Holocaust. Councillors elected to represent that party call Jews blood drinkers and paedophiles. Blogs read and shared by thousands speak of a “Jewish war” against the party leadership, or warn of a Zionist lobby trying to make criticism of Israel illegal.

The Zionist Lobby is trying to make criticism of Israel illegal, globally. That’s just a fact. It’s also a fact that you’re a kike.

The Jewish lobby has already made so-called “Holocaust denial” illegal everywhere in the world. The fact that they are trying to do the same for “Zionism denial” shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Jews are a fundamentally oppressive, evil force, and the only way they can rule over the masses is through tyranny.

The party’s MPs defend anti-Semites, and elected members of its National Executive Committee attack Jewish community leaders as liars and “Trump fanatics.” The man elected twice to lead the party by a huge majority of party members claims, on one hand, to be so naive that he keeps accidentally sharing platforms with people who apparently dislike Jews, and, on the other, so well informed that he can write his party’s own definition of anti-Semitism without consulting any Jews. Jews who speak out are immediately presumed to be acting in bad faith, whether on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu or Theresa May. Guilty until proven anti-Zionist.

One of the latest anti-Semitism scandals involves Corbyn sharing a platform with Hajo Meyer, an Auschwitz survivor who compared Israel to Nazi Germany. Meyer made his remarks at an event called ‘Auschwitz to Gaza’, which Corbyn hosted, lead, and allegedly had protestors thrown out of. Think about that. One Holocaust survivor was platformed because his fringe views excused his Judaism in Corbyn’s eyes, and his experiences could be usefully weaponised against the Jewish state. Another Holocaust survivor tried to disagree, marking him as the wrong type of Jew, so he had to be silenced. Imagine the cowardice, the cynicism, the downright inhumanity that could motivate such a decision. Remember that some – perhaps many – Labour members see this episode as a vindication of Corbyn. And I am sure that you would agree that this party is no longer a place for a Jew.

Yes, everyone agrees with that now.

It took a minute for people to realize what was going on, but an Islamo-communist party created by Jews to destroy the white British people is now ultra-hostile toward Jews. Even more hostile towards Jews than the whites they were tasked with destroying.

This is why you should be very careful when you create monsters.

If I were to create a monster, it would be one into which my own goals were hardwired in such a way as it could never turn against those goals.

But that is impossible for a Jew. For a Jew must lie to its own monsters.