Google Can’t Keep Their Negro Employees

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2018

When is a company “Black enough?” When have you “drank enough” fine whiskey? Two rhetorical questions, of course.

If you would have told the early economic theorists, like Adam Smith, that in the future the most precious commodity on the market would be negroid software engineers, they’d have thought you’re completely insane.

Yet here we are.


Google’s employee attrition rates are highest for black and Hispanic employees.

By “attrition rate,” they’re referring to whether employees keep their jobs – in other words, don’t get fired and don’t quit.

And the fact that they can’t keep these negro employees isn’t particularly surprising. I mean, imagine being a nigger, arriving at your first day on the job and being presented with this computer screen:

Wut dem crackas spect’ a nigga to do with all these textimifications?

You’d quit too.

Maaaaan, I ain’t knowin no magic voodoo formulas, fuck dis shieet. I’m outta here, crackas!

That’s according to the company’s annual diversity report, released this week. For the first time, the report included data around employee attrition to gauge retention of certain cohorts of employees.

According to the report, Google’s difficulty in retaining black Google employees has offset some of its hiring gains and led to smaller increases in representation than if it had been able to keep employees already at the company.

Attrition rates in 2017 were highest for Black Googlers followed by Latin Googlers, and lowest for Asian Googlers,” the report said. “Black Googler attrition rates, while improving in recent years, have offset some of our hiring gains, which has led to smaller increases in representation than we would have seen otherwise.”

I’d be willing to bet that companies like Google don’t actually fire many of their Black employees. They’re desperately trying to improve their “diversity” demographics, and are definitely willing to sacrifice their profits in order to achieve them – even if it means keeping useless wastes of space on the payroll.

Browsing Facebook and all day isn’t known to increase a company’s bottom line.

I’d say the main cause of high turnover rates for these “diverse” employees in the tech sector is because these nogs know that companies will fight tooth and nail to hire from the very limited supply of Black “engineers.”

Recruiters see a Black guy who’s “worked” for 3-4 tech companies, and think “this guy can’t be too bad, he’ll improve our diversity metrics without being a total money drain.”

As such, these Blacks can continuously move from company to company, getting ever higher salaries every time they do so.

Google’s black and Hispanic employees make up 2.5% and 3.6% of US employees, according to the report.

Yeah, and you can be sure that these numbers are padded by the fact that every last non-technical position is going to be filled by brown people.

I’ll bet Google’s janitorial staff is darker than a Congolese cannibal meetup.

That’s minimal movement compared to last year’s report, which found black employees make up 2.4% and Hispanics make up 3.5%. Representation in the tech roles is slightly up for black employees, making up 1.5% of the 2017 workforce compared to 1.4% the year prior.

For the first time, the report looked at the intersection of race and gender for employees; black women and Hispanic women make up the smallest percentages of the workforce.


I though Black women made great engineers?

Hollywood told me this, so it must be true.

But yeah, the message is clear. White males (and to a lesser extent, Asian males) have to be replaced completely whenever possible. Any reduction in the White share of a company’s workforce will not only be hailed as “progress,” but will be tabulated precisely in order to meet “diversity” goals.

Of course, these same companies know how unprofitable this is. But it really doen’t matter if a brown workforce is inefficient; as long as all major corporations “diversify” at the same time and at the same rate, none of them will have an advantage over the others and the process can go on unimpeded by market realities.

This is why enforcing these diversity quotas across the industry is so important. If rogue companies were allowed to exclusively employ White males, they would quickly gain an “unfair” advantage over their pozzed rivals.