Google Facial-Recognition AI Labels Black People Gorillas

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2015

AI has finally surpassed SJWs

I have often said that it would be a serious problem for the establishment if a real artificial intelligence were ever to be developed, as it would point out the ridiculousness of the present paradigm using full-on objectivity. For instance, I have said that it would tell us that Jews are robbing us while harmfully engineering our culture and that Blacks are savage and incompatible with civilization due to variant biology. The latter has, in some form, come true as Google’s image identification software has labelled a couple of Black people as gorillas.

A Black going by the name of “diri noir avec banan” on Twitter (his real name is Jacky Alcine) became enraged when he and his friend were called this by the software.

“Google Photos, y’all fucked up. My friend’s not a gorilla,” Alcine wrote, adding in another Tweet “Fuck, the only thing under this tag is my friend and I being tagged as a gorilla. What the fuck?”

Obviously, a very high type of technology could not distinguish between these dark Negroes and gorillas. Either that, or it was making a joke.

Human intelligence has had similar issues in the past, with many early Darwinian biologists labelling Negroes as a type of talking gorilla.

Google promptly apologized for the behavior of their software, referring to it as a “bug.” They claim to have fixed it, but I guarantee all they did was remove the script which identifies gorillas or other great apes, which will keep Black from being identified as such. It will not, however, stop them from looking like gorillas.

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