Google Invites the SPLC to Help Them Create Lists of Bad Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2017

When Google’s CEO Gandhi Patel told employees that they would be required to shit in the street, some were taken aback.

Steve Bannon is back with a vengeance.

May he live forever.

With DS forced onto pedoweb internet prison by the likes of Namecheap and Google, Breitbart now has an obligation to go full-Stormer.

Godspeed, Steve.

And I’m sorry if you think I went too far with Charlottesville. But you must understand, Steve. I live in Nigeria. I told these people not to bring Nazi flags. None of my guys brought those.

I am not even a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist, Steve. You understand this. It’s just a goofy meme – we owned the insult, Alinsky style. No one actually identifies that way, other than ironically, except maybe a few joke groups that are controlled by feds.

I am a normal person. My ideology would be best defined as “Futurist-Nationalist-Populist Racial-Separatist” – that is what I have tried to make the Alt-Right into, Steve.

But I live in Nigeria, Steve.


Google announced that their monopolistic search engine that controls 87 percent of page views will use its machine learning tool set to assist liberal groups in doubling down on purging conservative speech they consider hate.

TechCrunch blog reported that Google has partnered with ProPublica coalition and Pitch Interactive to create a data visualization tools that leverage the Google Cloud Natural Language API analytic algorithm to extract geographic and contextual information to provide journalists with a 50-state ‘Hate News Index.’

The Google/ProPublica coalition partners are all Center-Left Bias or Left Bias including the New York Times, BuzzFeed, Univision News, WNYC, First Draft, The Root, Meedan, New America Media, Latino USA, Ushahidi, The Advocate and 100 Days in Appalachia.

So Google is working with Jews, blacks and homosexuals to compile databases on you. Including your location.

Because white people are “hate.”

Christians are “hate.”

Everything that Jews don’t like is “hate.”

Although the coalition states they will work on civil rights issues with the highly respected University of Miami School of Communications, they also will rely on input from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation-funded and the radically Left Southern Poverty Law Center.

Google states that they launched the Documenting Hate project due to the lack of national data on “hate crimes,” which their Dictionary defines as: “a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.” But a Google search under “hate crime” produces “About 10,300,000 results.”

Yeah, and the SPLC has been doing this for years – virtually all of their claims of “hate crimes” are either hoaxes or simply rumors.

They also include in their numbers allegations (never substantiated) that people were called names – so “typically involving violence” is definitely not their definition. Most of these “hate crimes” in their “database” involve unsubstantiated claims of name-calling.

The reason they are sucking Google into this gross scheme is because most of this name-calling takes place on the internet, and the goal of the SPLC is to regulate the internet as much as they possibly can in order to protect the Jewish race from criticism.

The other races – blacks, Moslems, Mexicans – are simply used as human shields by the Jews.

This is just a nonsense project to serve as a first step of official cooperation between the SPLC and Google.

Look at it – it’s just a calendar:

They may also probably going to try to get real name information in this database, via internet sources. That is to say, this could be an SPLC-Google mass-doxing team-up, creating lists of undesirables. Or “deplorables,” as they’ve been called more recently.

The problem is: no one gives a fuck anymore.

Our backs are pushed so far against the wall that our vertebrae are cracking.

We have already won the war of ideas, and everyone with any intellectual capacity is already aware of the plight of the whites. All we have to do now is inform the masses that it is okay to stand-up and fight back. And they will.

This is a war you cannot win, Jews.

My advice: flee to Israel.