Goy, How Dare You?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2019

The British media keeps fucking up and printing shit the goyim aren’t supposed to know because there just aren’t enough Jews in the British media, and the British just ape American Jewishness, without understanding the fundamental fact that it is Jewish, first and foremost, and that the alleged “values and principles” are really just a Jewish hoax to harm goyim.

The Independent published an interesting letter to the editor.

To seize an Iranian oil tanker, however legally justified the seizure might be, and not take the most stringent precautions against the inevitable Iranian retaliation, is reckless.

Given Britain’s track record over the last two decades of weakness in the face of our opponents, how can the prime minister, the cabinet and senior civil servants think that this confrontation can end with anything less than a humiliating British climbdown?

Vladimir Putin would not have attempted to murder the Skripals with the binary nerve gas novichok if he had perceived strength in our leaders. Similarly, the Iranians already know from the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe affair that Britain is a paper tiger.

The tanker seizures may yet end without bloodshed. Not so the disastrous intervention in Libya under our previous prime minister. After the chaos that ensued in Iraq on the fall of Saddam Hussain, nobody could think that overthrowing a long-established Arab dictator in an ethnically and tribally divided country could end in any other way.

Until British prime ministers, cabinets and senior civil servants free themselves from their delusional moralistic consequence-ignoring mindset, we are doomed to repeated national humiliation.

Otto Inglis

This isn’t a good letter, and the author doesn’t appear to know what the hell he’s talking about.

But there are some problematic elements – and the fact that he’s come across these ideas without knowing what the hell he’s talking about actually would seem to make it that much worse.

The letter implies that the West does not have an absolute right to simply brutally abuse anyone they want and then say “tough shit – this is democracy.”

It implies there are necessarily consequences for actions, even actions performed on an enemy of the Jews, and that Westerners should have to consider consequences before performing actions at the behest of the state of Israel.

The fact that it was printed at all indicates that the British goyim are significantly less keen about a war with Iran than the American goyim. And of course, Europe has basically just said “nope.”

So you’d have a situation with the US alone against the world launching a lunatic war of aggression on this random central Asian Islamic country who just wanted to sell oil.

I imagine that calls were made from Israel over the printing of that letter.

It’s pure anti-Semitism.