Goyim Mocked with Roseanne Fentanyl Overdose Show Death

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

Roseanne is Jewish.

She is a weird right-wing Jew, who is hated by other Jews for her sympathy with the goyim.

But she hid behind her rabbi to release a statement about the death of her character from an opioid overdose on her show.


Gepostet von Rabbi Shmuley Boteach am Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

She was kicked off the show for being a bad one and doing evil racism on Twitter.

She said former Obama employee Valerie Jarret looks like Planet of the Apes.

The fact that this statement is objectively true was not considered before Roseanne’s public execution.

She was banned forever from everything, including her own show, which has now relaunched as “The Connors” without her.

The show was not good. I watched an episode of it. The jokes were not funny. I have a high threshold for humor, because I read Reddit and other funny sites like somethingawful.com. But the general consensus everywhere was that it was not funny.

The reason people liked it was because it was the only pro-Trump show on TV, and people found this comforting. That made it literally the number one show on TV.

And although Roseanne is Jewish in real life, she wasn’t on the show, and none of the rest of the cast is. It was a very goyish show.

So the Jews who fired her from her own show used what they consider to be a very funny goy death to kill her off: an opioid overdose.

This is bizarre on a number of levels, primarily on the level that the show did not deal with Roseanne having a drug problem previously. Also primarily because it is a comedy, and that is a horrible, morbid thing that no one wants to think about.

We’ve all lost friends to these drugs. It isn’t a joke to us.

It is, however, a joke to the Jews.

So they buried the only “racist” goyim show by killing off the star with these drugs.

This is the absolute epitome of “mocking the goyim.”