Grammy Awards Now Controlled by Women and Brown People

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2018

The Grammys are already a Satanic celebration of Afro-Jewish musical “culture.” It can’t really get any worse.

I guess doing all these circle-jerk award shows for music, movies and everything else was always stupid to begin with. These people are already making millions of dollars, they don’t need to receive trophies on top of that – and we certainly don’t need to see it on television.

However, these award shows have been an American tradition for decades now, and I guess some people still attribute cultural significance to them.

As such, it’s vitally important that any remaining White men be run out of the decision-making process related to who is actually winning these stupid contests.


In February, not long after the 2018 Grammys, the Recording Academy announced it would launch a task force to increase diversity in its antiquated institution. The means to which they would accomplish this necessary and long overdue goal were unclear—we now know it required the hiring of Tina Tchen (previously Chief of Staff to former First Lady Michelle Obama) and, perhaps indirectly, the impending retirement of Neil Portnow, the Recording Academy chief who said “women need to step up.”

As Billboard reports, Tchen’s task force has just taken a seemingly large step in implementing change: the Recording Academy has invited 900 “music creators” to become voting members, all of which are “female and/or people of color and/or under 39.”

Just remember that the mainstream recording industry is already basically entirely Jewish to begin with.

Memes don’t lie.

So White men were probably already a tiny minority of the people involved with the Grammys. With 900 skanks and brown people added on top of that, you can be sure that the tastes of White people will be completely ignored.

The 900 are described as “a broad range of music creators, including vocalists, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers and engineers.” It is unclear who these invitees are and how many of them will accept the request.

Still, Billboard reports that the task force has made some immediate changes: the 16 different Nominations Review Committees, which “determine the final Grammy nominations in craft and other specialized categories” are composed of 51 percent women and 48 percent people of color, up from 2017’s metrics (28 percent women and 37 percent people of color). The eight different National Governance Committees—which “oversee such areas as membership and advocacy”—have also seen a shift: 48 percent women and 38 percent people of color compared to 2017 when it was 20 percent female and 30 percent people of color. The lack of age information feels particularly telling.

Obviously, they don’t count Jews as “people of color” in these statistics.

So the 2018 Grammys are probably the last time White people will be nominated to receive any award outside of “country music” – if there even still is a country category next year.

Your shilling for the dems won’t save you your spot on next year’s award show, Taylor, when the entire nomination committee is filled with hateful negresses.

My question is this: do we trust that these changes have actually happened to the degree in which they are described? It seems unlikely, like my colleague Hazel Cills has written before, that any real progress can happen without transparency of the voting committee members’ gender, race, and age. It feels a bit like we’re supposed to take their word for it, and historically, that hasn’t been anything to write home about.

Of course, even this is not enough for the SJW mob.

They demand more. All White people must be removed from everything, no matter how insignificant. The Grammys are very unlikely to release the details of these changes to the public, because they’re not keen to reveal that these committees were likely 90% Jewish before this move.

So, what’s the future for the Grammys?

Here’s a list of likely changes for next year:

  1. Removal of all “White supremacist” musical categories, like country, classical, electronic, new age and alternative rock. Ain’t nobody but crackas who listen to that stuff.
  2. Instead, new categories of nigger music will be introduced. “Jungle beats,” “muffled droning” and “low-effort remix of 80s songs” are expected to be new categories.
  3. The award show will feature a human sacrifice with live cannibalism.

Preview of the Grammys 2019.

These people can’t help but self-destruct. After the Grammys have been transformed into “the nigger music awards,” do you think people will still watch it?

Obviously not.

They’re already shedding millions of viewers as it is. Fun fact: Bruno Mars is actually a Filipino, not a mulatto. 

The Jew’s effort to shut White people out of culture is only resulting in their whole media empire becoming totally irrelevant to normal people.

They really should have had smarter people working on this.