Great News: No Colored People to Appear on Stage in Next Democrat Debate!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2019

So the “most diverse field ever” has been officially reduced to “only white people allowed.” Really makes you think. 

I did not watch or report on the last Democrat debate. Actually I turned on a few minutes of it on Nick Fuentes’ Dlive stream, but found it to be too boring to watch or to report on.

Literally just a bunch of platitudes being fired back and forth at each other. Nothing that matters was said, at all.

Anyway, I’m still glad to hear that all of the colored people are being removed.

The next debate will be supremely WHITE.

Yahoo News:

The most diverse Democratic candidate field will likely be represented by no black candidates in the next televised debate.

California Sen. Kamala Harris’s abrupt exit Tuesday afternoon rendered the field without a black woman — and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, although sailing off a campaign fundraising high post-November debate, has yet to hit the DNC’s polling threshold of at least 4 percent in four qualifying national polls or 6 percent in two early state polls. Real Clear Politics national polling averages show Booker making the board at just 2 percent — consistent with his polling in consequential early states like Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s unlikely that he will clear a higher bar in a week’s time.

As it stands, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the only candidates to make the stage. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and businessman Andrew Yang are only one qualifying poll away but are running up against a Dec. 12 deadline.

I know that Bernie is Jewish, but most people don’t actually know that.

He is always called a “white man” in the media and by people you hear talking about him.

Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Warren are all legitimately white. Warren even released a DNA test showing that she was of “nearly pure Aryan stock” earlier this year, apologizing for being 1/1024th impure – though that could of course be a testing error.

It’s funny that we have all this diversity bullshit shoved down our throats constantly, and we’re told we’re supposed to celebrate it, and we’re told that everyone else loves it, but as soon as the people – even if they’re liberals – get a chance to choose, they will only choose white people.

Maybe people actually don’t really love diversity, and the media, education system and government are wrong to shove it down our throats like this?

The brown candidates are pissed that no one likes them.

During several media appearances Wednesday, Booker described an “anger” he felt after he learned that fellow black candidate Harris would no longer be in the race, especially in light of recent deep-pocketed, low-polling rivals like Tom Steyer qualifying.

“My first reaction was just anger … I don’t understand how we’ve gotten to this place where there’s more billionaires in the race than there are black people,” he said during BuzzFeed News’ AM2DM.

Latino candidate Julián Castro, the former Housing and Urban Development secretary, expressed similar gripes. He too did not quality for either the November or December debate.

“The media’s flawed formula for “electability” has pushed aside women and candidates of color,” Castro wrote on Twitter Tuesday evening. “Our party’s diversity is our strength, and it’s a shame that we’re headed for a December debate without a single person of color.”

“Diversity is our greatest strength” has to be the thing that was said the most times while having the least amount of factual data to back it up. (Aside from the six million, of course.)

You know where people might be less hostile to you, brown folks?

Back in your own countries.

Cory, if you ran for president of Liberia, for example, you would probably win, just based on the fact that you’re from American television and that gives you status.

You could really do something for your brothers by trying to clean up the cannibalism problem that nation is dealing with.

I just don’t really see how any of this benefits anyone.

The New York Times is acting confused by this.

But is it actually confusing? Is it different than what anyone would have predicted?

White people are voting against diversity, even if they are bullied into claiming they love it, and colored people are angry and hurt that people don’t like them.

Everyone just peacefully dispersing and returning to their own countries seems like the most compassionate alternative available.

The only people who actually want this situation we have now are the Jews.