Greek PM Samaras Visits Israel to Celebrate the Persecution of Golden Dawn, Bows Down to His Jewish Masters

Golden Dawn America
October 8, 2013


Barely more than a week after the illegal and unconstitutional arrests of Golden Dawn members, now this political puppet, one of 8 ministers and prominent businessmen representing an oligarchy of wealth are going to Israel.

Now there have been Greek-Americans in the past, who have commented that our pointing out the role of Jewish involvement in our country was “exaggerated” because we are an “Extreme” party as they put it, they said that our talk of this was simply a conspiracy theory.  Days before the persecution of Golden Dawn, Venizelos met with not one but 4 Jewish-American organizations in New York, the following Monday Samaras met with the same 4 in New York. The former minister of Justice, Roupakiotis, not even a supporter of Golden Dawn, openly said this persecution was ordered by Jewish-American and Greek-American lobbies allied with them. It is at a point of such gleaming visible fact, the only people who could deny this being the case would be blatant liars, because now there is this.

The Samaras regime is now having their talking heads in the media say that the purpose of this meeting is to “cooperate with Israel on subjects such as energy and defense”.  In this “Intergovernmental Council” the following are to participate: 

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Evangelos Venizelos,
  • Minister of Energy: George Maniatis
  • Minister of Public Order: Nikos Dendias
  • Minister of Education:  Constantine Arvanitopoulos
  • Minister of Transportation: Michael Chryssochoidis
  • Minister of Culture: Panos Panagiotopoulos 
  • Minister of Tourism: Olga Kefalogianni

The main purpose of the talks, is for Samaras to discuss with them which Israeli energy companies will get access to Greek natural resources.

Obviously, he is also bringing his persecution of our leader and other members of parliament Christos Pappas and John Lagos as a type of trophy for them. The media keeps bombarding the Greek people now with the idea that Greek-Israeli relations are a top priority now. What more does anyone need to understand the level of servitude the Greek government has to the Zionist Jews of Israel and New York?

The audacity to call Golden Dawn a “Criminal Organization” is amazing, while at the same time Samaras is selling off every last piece of our national sovereignty giving Israel full access to all of our energy resources, knowing full well the persecution of Golden Dawn is key for him to get away with it!