Ground Report: “Refuse Fascism” Anti-Trump Rally

Illegal Aryan
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

Feminists and cripples: typical antifa.

On Saturday, antifa terrorist-aligned group Refuse Fascism held Anti-Trump/Pence protests across the country.

As I had nothing better to do I decided to check out the Philadelphia rally at the Thomas Paine Plaza.


Unsurprisingly, it was quite a low-energy affair – a far cry from the electric poz I felt when I visited the Bernie rally at the same place last year.

The main speaker was this dude:

Around 4:10pm, the pro-degeneracy, pro-illegal immigration, anti-human speeches began.

After a shrill harpy dyke punctured everyone’s eardrums talking about hashtags for two minutes, she passed the mic to a brown guy in a funny hat. He lectured to us that “immigrants are full human beings,” yet failed to provide a citation for that claim.

The next speaker, an old lady in a pink pussy hat, claimed women and LGBQT adherents were also full human beings, again without even attempting to back up such a bold claim.

As my eyes started glazing over from the seemingly unending fatuous assertions I heard some ruckus happening on the other side of the plaza.

Some tranny had gotten into a slogan-shouting match with a Christian group protesting the event, and half the audience of the anti-fascist speeches decided to go watch that instead.

The 56-year-old man with tits came up with the slogan “HOMOS GO TO HEAVEN, HATERS GO TO HELL” (because the universe willingly contorts itself to one’s wishful thinking). Some of the tranny’s friends were trying to cool him down by telling him how beautiful he was.

There was no indication that this was actually Westboro Baptist Church, as the only indicator of the group they belonged to was “,” a website that doesn’t exist.

I was going to congratulate the religious counter-protesters on their bravery in fighting the good fight, until the leader sadly yelled “RACISTS GO TO HELL” in a defensive reaction to a black guy yelling at him. Any PR firm worth its salt will tell you if you want any kind of hold in today’s market, alienating racists in the last thing you want to do.

When the tranny said something about his “AIDS funeral” I knew that this side of the rally had officially jumped the shark. I looked around for more action, and spied some Kekistani types with a Pepe flag passing out literature. I recognized some of them from the previous Trump rally a couple weeks back. I talked to them for about 30 seconds when the leaders of Philly antifa came over to oogle me.

I thought these guys were supposed to be anti-objectification.

The leader, Thomas “Tom” Keenan of New Jersey, hollered out to the Kekistanis, “you know you’re talking to a Nazi, right?”

Sadly, calling people Nazis is the only weapon in their verbal arsenal, and it didn’t even have the effect of getting me disavowed from these fine based gents.

No longer content to just take pictures of me for their personal collection, Tom and his pals waddled closer to us and began to engage with the Kekistanis and eventually called me out specifically.

Admittedly it felt a little awkward when the Kekistan leader next to me yelled “NO ONE HERE LIKES HITLER!” I was grilled by Tom for making a funny face when the issue of the Holocaust (of course) was brought up by the antifa in the “argument.”

In an attempt to get me riled Tom told me it was he who wrote the article on my dox, which read like an online dating profile.

Just dreamy.

The police meanwhile had formed a protective barricade around us, and we were asked what out plans were, as the “march” (in the loosest sense of the word) had already left.

Taken from the Refuse Fascism Philly Faceberg page. They actually put this out themselves.

The Kekistanis headed to a bar, and I decided to tag along until some of the heat died down, and also because I had nothing else to do.

Two weeks ago the Kekistanis were violently assaulted outside a bar by antifa after a Trump rally, so this time the police escorted us across Center City. Curiously, they allowed the small group of antifa to follow us closely. When we got to the bar the antifa actually went in after us and got their own tables, and began texting their friends to come join them. The police stayed outside for a few minutes, then left.

Along with antifa, we were followed in by liberal blogger Joshua Scott Albert, who spent 8 months in jail after making terrorist threats against Mitt Romney and the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police!

At our table, I talked to a high school aged supporter of Matthew Heimbach’s TWP whom the antifa had also been hassling. They repeatedly claimed he was a Hitler-lover because he said “TWP did nothing wrong.” As I explained to the nice lady at our table the reason why antifa has such a hard-on for me, the kid burst out laughing when I described the “Stop the Crime, Stop the Rapes, Stop the Blacks” and “How is a diploma going to help you win the RACE WAR?” flyers I had posted at UPenn. I think this kid has a bright future!

Since it had become clear at this point that antifa were gunning for some bankable “punch a Nazi” footage, I called for an Uber with the intention of leaving in it while everyone else was seated. As my luck would have it, it arrived when 4 antifa were hanging out by the entrance. I got in the car anyway, and one of them tried to give me the Spencer treatment by blocking the car from leaving. Some of the kek dudes who had come outside with me had my back though, and got him to back off. So he settled for glaring at everyone in the car as my confused driver left.

The Middle-Eastern tourists I was Uberpooling with noted the antifa had a weird “rednecky” look to them.

The antifa didn’t try anything after I left. They did put out some pathetic doxing attempt for the people I was with for the crime of possessing a green flag, that if you changed to red and added a swastika could be interpreted as a Nazi flag.

This all ended up up being a far more positive experience than I anticipated. It was comical that Antifa couldn’t do a thing about my presence, despite me being the only actual Nazi around. The solidarity from the Alt-Liters and the pathetic turnout of the rally itself shows that things are heading in our direction faster than ever, and not slowing down for anyone – including the overweight misfits of Philly Antifa!

See you all in Charlottesville!

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