Groyper Down: Patrick Casey Banned from Twitter as Gorka’s Orcas Gain Territory!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

Gamers are rising… but so are Gorka’s Orcas. 


The pro-censorship figure Sebastian Gorka, a fat boomer, has claimed his first scalp – American Identity Movement leader Patrick Casey has been banned from Twitter amidst a whirlwind storm of backlash.

As the man says, follow his Telegram channel.

And we’ll keep you updated on further happenings with Mr. Casey.

Gorka’s Orcas continue to attempt to have Nick Fuentes banned, and they’re gaining some traction.

Homosexual ass-fucker Jim Hoft has signed up with the Orcas.

More may come.

The Orcas are massing…

Our Groypers are massing…

The final battle of the USS Liberty is yet to come.

Until that final battle, be sure to show up in Gorka’s livechat on YouTube every weekday, Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm, Eastern; Noon-3pm Pacific.

We’re routing him. Soon, 100% of his show will be about us, our chats, our calls, and he won’t be able to sell pills to feed his Orcas.

When Gorka’s Orcas go hungry, it will be a decisive victory for Team Groyp.

Also, Gorka’s mother worked for the world’s greatest Holocaust denier, David Irving.

He’s also a supporter – or I guess former supporter – of Jobbik, which is more or less a Nazi organization.

Definitely a lot more Nazi than Nick Fuentes.

Jobbik actually called for national lists of Jews to be made and kept by the government because Jews are a national security threat.

Nick Fuentes never called for Jew lists. All he did was ask about the USS Liberty and dancing Israelis.

Sebastian Gorka is deeeeezgusting with his mother’s Holocaust denial ties and his own ties to neo-Nazi groups.

How dare he.

I demand to speak to the manager of whatever company employs Gorka and his Orcas.

Another one of Gorka’s Orcas, Ian Miles Cheong, is also involved in all types of dirty business.

Calling black people monkeys, supporting Hamas… and he thinks he has a right to talk about nice boys who simply want to know what the Orcas think about the USS Liberty attack.

What right do these freaks have to call for the banning of upstanding groypers who love Jews and Israel?

Groypers can only now rise up to pogrom these Orcas.

Nick Ban Watch

At this time, I do not think Nick is going to be banned from Twitter, let alone YouTube.

He’s getting too much mainstream support.

Beyond the Orcas, who are all weird freaks, there is no mainstream call to ban Nick. It looks nothing like the atmosphere around the Alex Jones crucifixion, for example. It would be a little bit weird for everyone if CNN swooped in to back up the Orcas, wouldn’t it?

We shall see, we shall see.

But Patrick Casey seems to have been a symbolic sacrifice to the bloodthirsty Orcas, for the time being.